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melonJS 3.1.0

@obiot obiot released this
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  • Audio : exposed a function to allow modifying the playback rate of the specified audio clip.
  • Audio : added back the possibility to stream audio elements (through the stream flag when defining audio assets)
  • Camera : use the alpha component of the given color as the threshold for fading effect
  • Color : normalized support for #RGBA and #RRGGBBAA formats (to match CSS standard)
  • Core : added a function to change the renderer framerate at runtime
  • Core : simplified the "startup" functions to allow for shorter initialization code (see boilerplate)
  • Core : removed previous Ejecta "hacks" (requires the latest Ejecta 2.1/development version)
  • Documentation : various fixes and missing items added (e.g me.Object that was missing)
  • Debug : debug panel(s) now automatically register themselves upon loading (see boilerplate)
  • Input : added support for gamepad analogue axis binding
  • Input : fixed a regression with pointer events not firing with "floating" regions (@thedrumchannell)
  • Particles : fixed a crash when removing a particle emmiter during a level change/reset
  • Renderable : fixed missing onDestroyEvent function when adding basic renderables to the game world.
  • Renderable : fixed Sprite objects initialization when using a string argument for "image" (@trevorjwilliams)
  • TMX : added support for JSON-format external tilesets
  • TMX : fixed the clearTile function when using preRender and the WebGL renderer
  • TMX : fixed prerender on browsers that support Canvas2DContextAttributes.alpha
  • TMX : disabled animated tiles when using the prerender mode (these two are not compatible)
  • TMX : fixed a regression with Tile property parsing
  • TMX : fixed a regression with level loading when no tilesets are defined.
  • TMX : fixed decoding of maps using CSV data format (in Tiled) and exported to JSON
  • TMX : added support for typed custom properties (Tiled 0.16)
  • WebGLRenderer : added a workaround for Safari resetting WebGL attributes bindings (see #783)