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melonJS 4.0.0

@obiot obiot released this
· 1706 commits to master since this release
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  • Audio : updated to the latest Howler 2.0.1 version
  • Container : added a 'forEach' function that allows to iterate through all children
  • Core : largely improved and completed the matrix implementation and usage
  • Core : Object.assign polyfill update
  • Core : various improvements and fixes to jasmine test units
  • Debug : fixed the debug panel display when using the WebGL renderer
  • Font : added true support for bitmap font generated out of true type fonts (e.g. Littera, bmfont, bmglypgh, etc...)
  • Particles : reduced creation/use of temporary (vector) objects
  • Pointer : fixed bug with Chrome on Windows touch devices where touch input would register, but mouse input would not. (credit to BrianRosamilia)
  • Pointer : PointerEvent detection is now fully W3C compliant
  • Pointer : automaticaly free any defined region if there is no callback left
  • Renderable : added a new currentTransform property that defines the renderable transformation matrix
  • Renderable : transformations can now be automatically applied through the autoTransform flag (off by default for user-defined objects)
  • Renderable : me.AnimationSheet has been merged into me.Sprite (me.AnimationSheet is now only an alias), and rendering function simplified
  • Renderable : fixed image layer first update, when added to a child container (and not directly the root one)
  • Renderer : simplified/aligned both the Canvas and WebGL renderer API in a more WebGL fashion
  • Renderer : added a subPixel rendering option (off by default)
  • Shapes : polygon based shapes can now be freely transformed, and bounding box will be resized accordingly
  • TMX : scaling and rotation can now be applied to a tilemap (see me.levelDirector.loadLevel() for example)
  • TMX : fixed some issues when loading TMX level into a child container.
  • WebGLRenderer : fixed the currentColor alpha not taking in account the "globalAlpha" (now better match canvas renderer)