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melonJS 4.1.0

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@obiot obiot released this 16 Jan 01:58
· 2302 commits to master since this release
  • Audio : updated to latest Howler 2.0.2 (WebAudio resume/seek fixes, and IE related security issues)
  • Audio : added a function, to change or get the current position of a specific audio clip
  • Core : throw an error message when registering a non valid object in the object pool (i.e. undefined class)
  • Loader : added the possibility to configure path (baseUrl) by asset types.
  • Loader : added a 'crossOrigin' option to enable/allow cross-origin image loading for WebGL
  • Loader : fixed an issue where callbacks were randomly fired twice when refreshing the page (krojew)
  • Loader : reduced memory usage (reduced overlay size for the logo, and prevent from creating the Font overlay in WebGL)
  • Particles : fixed a (huge) performance regression with particle generation / handling
  • Pointer: fixed bug where a device allowing both mouse & touch events would only emit touch events.
  • Pointer: fixed a regression with multi-touch event detection on iOS & Android
  • Pointer: fixed a regression with callback handling & cleaning in the releasePointerEvent function
  • Renderable : fixed a regression in me.Sprite.isCurrentAnimation()
  • TMX : TMX maps and renderers are now fully contained in their own space, and do no pollute anymore
  • TMX : exposed the TMX renderers API and related utility functions to convert tile to/from pixel coordinates
  • TMX : improved API to manage isometric map & coordinates (e.g. vector and shape conversion)
  • TMX : added a simple isometric "tile selector" in the isometric map example
  • TMX : me.Layer.getTile() will now return null if there is no corresponding tile, instead of throwing an exception
  • TMX : added a getRenderer() function to me.Layer that returns the layer TMX renderer.
  • Viewport : added the possibility to define a global transformation to the viewport
  • WebGLRenderer : now properly complain when using NPOT textures, and throw an exception for repetitive ones
  • WebGLRenderer : does not create anymore a default overlay for me.Font drawing, unless required (reminder: me.Font+WebGL = Bad!)