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@obiot obiot released this Dec 1, 2017

  • Audio : Howler core update (2.0.5)
  • Audio : added a function to check if audio is muted globally
  • Core : fix fullscreen detection when not set on the main canvas
  • Core : remove obsolete ES5 shim (it's 2017, update your browser!)
  • Core : updated orientation detection, based on the new (draft) Orientation API
  • Debug : fixed debug panel toggle features, and automatically display the toggle key
  • Geometry : new specific values can be returned through the callback for Observable Vectors
  • Input : fix a bug where the gamepad axes may not trigger KEYUP events
  • Input : remove deprecated argument type for me.input.bindGamepad()
  • Input : remove deprecated mousewheel event
  • Input : remove deprecated MS prefixed Pointer Event
  • Input : standardize Event.button value and usage across all input models
  • Input : me.input.preventDefault now correctly define the default action for pointer events
  • Input : fix potential multitouch issues on "hybrid" browsers supporting both TouchEvent and PointerEvent
  • Renderable : properly apply transformation and anchor for all me.Renderable objects
  • Renderable : move flipX/flipY to me.Renderable, and remove deprecation warning
  • Renderable : new isKinematic property allowing to opt-out from collision and input events
  • Renderable : slightly refactored me.ColorLayer and exposed its me.Color property
  • TMX : added support for layer grouping (Tiled 1.0.0)
  • Viewport : added a method to unfollow the current target
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