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@obiot obiot released this Aug 13, 2018 · 263 commits to master since this release

  • Audio : latest audio core update to fix HTML5 Audio issue with FB Instant Games, and Chrome API deprecation
  • Container : new clipping feature to automatically clip childrens to their parent container bounds (disable by default)
  • Core : Removed unnecessary ES6 polyfill (based on melonJS 5.x minimum browser version)
  • Core : API update to sandbox all previous language extension under the me namespace
  • Core : added console debug information (melonJS version & basic device capabilities)
  • Core : properly support (requires the official weapp-adapter) WeChat Mini Games (@qinchunren)
  • Color : fix the me.Color.toHex8() function
  • Debug : fix "undefined width error" when instantiating the debug panel
  • Font : fix a regression where drawing a web font was not restoring the renderer context properly
  • Input : fix an issue where the focus was sometimes lost when using an integrated WebView (e.g. Instant Games)
  • Loader : new loader feature to allow preloading of javascript files
  • Math : new vector linear interpolation functions
  • Math : new equals function for me.Rect shape
  • Physic : avoid duplicating the given collision shape through addShape, and directly use the object references
  • Physic : gravity property for solid bodies is now a vector object, allowing to defined gravity for both axis
  • Physic : new mass property for solid bodies
  • Physic : new me.Body.force property allowing to automatically apply a force or acceleration to a solid body
  • Physic : me.Body.accel and me.Body.setVelocity are now deprecated and to be replaced by me.Body.force
  • Physic : automatically apply any defined physic properties when importing a physic editor JSON file
  • Renderable : fix onComplete not being called for me.Sprite single animation frame (@adrian)
  • Renderable : fix animation not cycling when using GUI_Object(s)
  • Renderable : fix a regression in Sprite when using Texture Packer
  • Renderable : fix floating renderable's bounds following its parent container position (@YosuaHamonangan)
  • Renderable : fix a potential parameter mismatch in me.Sprite for an animation onComplete callback
  • Renderer : use prefixed "image-rendering" CSS properties for non standard browsers
  • Renderer : new clipRect function to clip the specified rectangle area
  • TMX : allows different tile size per layer (not supported by Tiled, only works with "manually" generated maps) (@YosuaHamonangan)
  • TMX : optimised object allocation to lower memory usage (and later GC) when loading a level
  • Viewport : new damping feature to enable smooth camera movement
  • WebGLRenderer : enable failIfMajorPerformanceCaveat by default when attempting to create a GL Context
  • WebGLRenderer : feature to change the blending mode (experimental and limited to "normal" and "multiply" for now)
  • WebGLRenderer : fix a deprecation warning in Firefox
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