Express middleware wrapper around HTML minifier
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Express middleware wrapper around HTML minifier


This express middleware simply enchances the regular 'render' method of the response object for minifying HTML.


npm install --save --production express-minify-html express
var express    = require('express');
var minifyHTML = require('express-minify-html');

var app = express();

    override:      true,
    exception_url: false,
    htmlMinifier: {
        removeComments:            true,
        collapseWhitespace:        true,
        collapseBooleanAttributes: true,
        removeAttributeQuotes:     true,
        removeEmptyAttributes:     true,
        minifyJS:                  true

app.get('hello', function (req, res, next) {
    res.render('helloTemplate', { hello : 'world'}, function(err, html) {
        // The output is minified, huzzah!

Set 'override' to false if you don't want to hijack the ordinary res.render function. This adds an additional res.renderMin function to the response object to render minimized HTML.

The 'htmlMinifier' opts are simply passed on to the html-minifier plugin. For all the available configuration options, see the original repo!

If no callback is provided, res.render/res.renderMin sends the minified HTML to the client just as the regular express res.render does. Otherwise, the callback is called with the error object and the minified HTML content, as demonstrated above.

the exception_url optional parameter is a single value, or an array of strings, regexes and functions that can be used to check whether minifying should be skipped entirely.

exception_url: [
    'url_to_avoid_minify_html', // String.
    /regex_to_analyze_req_to_avoid_minify/i, // Regex.
    function(req, res) { // Function.
        // Code to analyze req and decide if skips or not minify.
        // Needs to return a boolean value.
        return true

Full examples can naturally be found under the 'examples'-folder of this repository!


MIT © Matti Jokitulppo

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