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@jennazenk jennazenk released this Jan 11, 2018 · 322 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Melon.js v0.5.3 (running on protocol v0.5.2-alpha.1)


  • sendTransaction function
  • constructTransactionObject function
  • getPastEvents (unused as of now; prepared it for later)
  • getRankingContract function
  • getRanking function
  • createWallet function
  • importWallet function
  • signTermsAndConditions function
  • parity and wallet folder in utils folder
  • getParityProvider function
  • getHoldingsAndPrices function
  • getOpenOrders
  • isRedeemRequestPermittedAndAllowed
  • isSubscribeRequestPermittedAndAllowed
  • isMakePermitted
  • isTakePermitted


  • Switch from web3 to parity.js (parityfy all transactions/calls to the contracts)
  • gasBoost function adjusted to parity.js
  • getRecentTrades for an asset pair and getFundRecentTrades, using rpc call getLogs
  • awaitDataFeedUpdate -used only for integration test
  • Upgrade to protocol v0.5.2-alpha.1
  • [labeling] Renamed 'creationDate' and 'timestamp' in setupFund an getFundInformations to 'inception'
  • [labeling] Renamed 'timestamp' in convertUnclaimedRewards to 'date'
  • [labeling] Harmonized in subscribe/redeem from atTimeStamp/atTimeStamp to timestamp
  • onBlock function adjusted to parity.js
  • getFundInformations also returns owner
  • Pass in decrypted wallet instance as first argument to ALL functions performing an on-chain transaction


  • depositAndApproveEther
  • filterByAssetPair
  • sortByPrice


  • "from" argument in functions; now uses wallet.address