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This release contains the following highlights:

  • Create a fund (in ERC20 format) and invest upon creation. For this version, you can only invest in your fund once.
  • Trade using the first Melon Universe Module which is now live with 5 ERC20 assets (ETH, BTC, MLN, EUR and REP). Trades history is visible on
  • Monitor prices of these assets using the first data feed module brought to you by Cryptocompare and Oraclize using native proofs
  • Calculate fund/share prices as well as NAV in real time (assuming for this version zero management and performance fees)
  • Redeem and annihilate shares in your fund at any time (using redeem)
  • Trade on our exchange against our liquidity provider, which tracks real prices and provides continuous bids and asks (liquidity) at current market prices
  • Generate a real track record on Kovan secured by the integrity of Kovan authorities

More information can be found in our blog post

Jun 2, 2017
Merge pull request #194 from melonproject/assetPairPrices
Asset pair prices
Jun 1, 2017
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@retotrinkler retotrinkler released this Feb 20, 2017 · 750 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

In preparation for upgrades on the protocol smart contracts, where unfortunately portfolio data will be lost, one can now withdraw invested testnet ether from the portfolios.

  1. On portfolio page; In portfolios with non-zero Personal Stake, select Redeem in the Manage Participation card and redeem all your invested amount
  2. On wallet page; For accounts with non-zero Ether Token balance, select Convert ETH Token to ETH in the Wallet Holdings card.
  3. Wait for transaction to process and enjoy your testnet ether :)