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  1. vts-browser-js vts-browser-js Public

    JavaScript WebGL 3D map rendering engine

    JavaScript 217 42

  2. vts-browser-unity-plugin vts-browser-unity-plugin Public

    VTS browser integration plugin for Unity 3D game engine

    C# 98 26

  3. vts-browser-cpp vts-browser-cpp Public

    VTS Browser C++ library

    C++ 53 19

  4. half half Public archive

    Half precision floating point C++ library (imported from sourceforge upstream).

    C++ 30 4

  5. vts-mapproxy vts-mapproxy Public archive

    VTS Mapproxy

    C++ 29 5

  6. VtsJetFighter VtsJetFighter Public

    Example game with flying aircraft jet using VTS landscape provider in Unity 3D

    C# 21 8


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