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VTS-Backend is debian package build project, for getting VTS-Mapproxy, VTS-VTSD and VTS-Tools on the server the fast way, with one apt-get install command.

Download, build and install

Clone and Download

The source code can be downloaded from GitHub repository, but since there are external dependences, you have to use --recursive switch while cloning the repo.

git clone --recursive 

NOTE: If you did clone from GitHub previously without the --recursive parameter, you should probably delete the vts-backend directory and clone again. The build will not work otherwise.

Now got to vts-backend directory and run `make

cd vts-backend/vts-backend
make deb

NOTE: It may endup with error, saying, that the package could not be signed

dpkg-buildpackage: error: failed to sign .changes file

Still, the package should be created.


You may now be able to go back to root directory and continue as described in file.