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VTS Browser CPP Documentation

VTS Documentation

Documentation for the whole VTS can be found at read the docs. It focuses on general explanation of the technology like map configurations, reference frames, surfaces, bound layers etc. It also contains complete documentation for server components.

This wiki, on the other hand, focuses solely on the c++ browser libraries.

Repository Contents

This repository contains two libraries:

Moreover, there are several example applications:

  • vts-browser-desktop - comprehensive application build for desktops
  • vts-browser-minimal - skeleton for a simple application in C or C++
  • vts-browser-wasm - web assembly with html5 canvas example
  • vts-browser-ios - simple application with touch controls
  • the repository contains several more examples that are not covered here:
    • QT application
    • C# application
    • UWP application
    • web assembly application with SDL

Example dependency graph: vts-browser-architecture.png

Library Concepts

The libraries usage is explained in Concepts, in a tutorial like way. It is designed to start with simple tasks and progress towards more advanced topics.

API Reference

Reference manual for both libraries: browser and renderer.

Anyway, the most up-to-date, complete and accurate API documentation are comments directly in the header files.

Other Related Repositories

  • Build Wrapper - a wrapper that embeds build scripts for all 3rd-party dependencies
  • Unity 3D Plugin - VTS browser integration plugin for Unity 3D game engine