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Tidy up attempt to use copy-seq to keep function side-effect free

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1 parent c013231 commit 589ea7238493d89ef6f15cfd94a4b9316df94cb1 @purcell purcell committed Feb 9, 2012
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@@ -261,11 +261,11 @@ The file is written to `package-build-working-dir'."
(defun package-build-merge-package-info (pkg-info name version)
"Return a version of PKG-INFO updated with NAME and VERSION.
If PKG-INFO is nil, an empty one is created."
- (let ((merged
- (or pkg-info (vector name nil "No description available." version))))
+ (let ((merged (or (copy-seq pkg-info)
+ (vector name nil "No description available." version))))
(aset merged 3 version)
(aset merged 0 (downcase name))
- (copy-seq merged)))
+ merged))
(defun package-build-archive (file-name)
"Build a package archive for package FILE-NAME."

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