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@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ call to `package-initialize` in your `init.el` file.
(add-to-list 'package-archives
'("melpa" . "") t)
Since `package.el` doesn't allow locking packages to certain version,
we also provide a package `melpa.el` which contains code to allow
restricting packages to specific repositories. This allows someone to
@@ -52,28 +52,24 @@ guidelines,
* Upstream source must be stored in an authoritative
repository or on the Emacswiki.
-<!-- * Package must be actively developed and not otherwise included in a -->
-<!-- different ELPA archive. Packages that are better suited for -->
-<!-- [marmalade]( -->
* Submit one pull request per recipe. You can create multiple
branches and create a pull request for each branch.
* Recipes should try to minimize the size of the resulting package by
specifying only files relevant to the package. See the
[Package Format](#package-format) section for more information on
specifying package files.
* The package name should match the name of the feature provided. See
the `package` function for more information.
* Packages should adhere to the `package.el` format as specified by
`(info "(elisp) Packaging")`. More information on this format is
provided by the
[marmalade package manual](
### Testing
@@ -86,7 +82,7 @@ Let `<NAME>` denote the name of the recipe to submit.
3. Confirm your package build properly by running
make recipes/<NAME>
4. Install the file you built by running `package-install-file` from
within Emacs and specifying the newly built package in the directory
specified by `package-build-archive-dir` (default: `packages/`
@@ -174,7 +170,7 @@ Since there is only one `.el` file, this package only needs the `:url` and `:fet
:url ""
:fetcher git)
### Multiple Packages in one Repository
@@ -191,7 +187,7 @@ contains the *starter-kit* package along with extra packages in the
:url ""
:fetcher git
:files ("modules/starter-kit-bindings.el"))
Notice that `:files` is not specified for `starter-kit` since
package-build will automatically add all `.el` files in the root
@@ -202,10 +198,10 @@ files specified explicitly.
### Multiple Files in Multiple Directories
-There are special cases when we need
+There are special cases when we need
There are special cases where creation of the package comes from many
different sub-directories in the repository and the destination
-sub-directories need to be explicitly set.
+sub-directories need to be explicitly set.
Consider the `flymake-perlcritic` recipe,
@@ -230,7 +226,7 @@ first element to be the destination directory. These can be embedded
further, such as the following---hypothetical---entry for `:files`,
-("*.el" ("snippets"
+("*.el" ("snippets"
("html-mode" "snippets/html-mode/*")
("python-mode" "snippets/python-mode/*")))
@@ -316,17 +312,17 @@ format.
* `clean-packages` -- remove all compiled packages from the `packages` directory.
* `clean-json` -- remove all JSON files.
Note that these scripts require an Emacs with `package.el` installed,
such as Emacs 24. If you have an older version of Emacs, you can get a
suitable `package.el` [here](
## API
-All repository code is contained in the `package-build.el`.
+All repository code is contained in the `package-build.el`.
### Functions
@@ -397,7 +393,7 @@ which packages will be enabled (whitelist packages only) or excluded
`package-archives`, PACKAGE is a symbol of a package in that
archive to exclude. Any specified package is excluded regardless
of the value of `package-archive-enable-alist`
If a particular ARCHIVE has an entry in
`package-archive-enable-alist` then only packages
@@ -422,4 +418,3 @@ You can install the package manually by pasting this into yoru `*scratch*` buffe
*MELPA* is *Milkypostman's ELPA* or *Milkypostman's Experimental Lisp
Package Archive* if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

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