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Eat-Da-Burger - A Node, Express, Handlebars, MySQL App

Click here to demo the site on heroku


Eat-Da-Burger! is a restaurant app that lets users input the names of burgers they'd like to eat. Whenever a user submits a burger's name, your app will display the burger on the left column of the page -- waiting to be devoured. Each burger in the waiting area also has a Devour it! button. When the user clicks it, the burger will move to the right column of the page. The app will store every burger in a database, whether devoured or not.

In this assignment, a burger logger was created with MySQL, Node, Express, Handlebars and a custom ORM. The MVC design pattern was followed to ensure the use of Node and MySQL to query and route data in this app, and Handlebars to generate the HTML.

When trying to connect remotely to your Heroku database on an open network such as a coffee shop, library, or even your University WiFi, it will be blocked. If you are experiencing a Heroku connection error, this could be why.

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