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Wandbox is a social compilation service.

URL to this service is

You can also access via API:

These programs are licensed by Boost Software License 1.0.

Wandbox on Your Editor

You can use Wandbox on your editor.


Wandbox as a Background Infrastructure

You can use Wandbox API from another services (that is, Wandbox API's HTTP response header has Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *).

Following services are using Wandbox on background.


jBatch developer, Boris Schaeling says

jBatch comes with a wandbox command to access the API more easily. To compile and run a Python program with Wandbox and append the program's output to a webpage, use:

<script type="text/jbatch">
  wandbox run --compiler python-2.7.3 --code 'print("Hello, world!")' | appendTo body

See CodePen for Wandbox with jBatch in action.


Boost.SML document is using Wandbox on background


Boost.DI document is also using Wandbox on background.


Stensal is a tool to help developers find the cause of segmentation faults in a more intuitive way. It is using Wandbox on background.