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Melt PHP Framework, version 1.5

This is the latest stable release of Melt. Get up and running in less than five minutes using the Getting Started Guide.

Install it!

The install procedure is as follows:

  • Download the ZIP file and unzip it on your web space
  • Open your web browser and visit the URL
  • Run install in the Melt console to setup your application
  • (Optionally) run ghd deploy-sample-app melt/sample-app-default to deploy the default sample application
  • That's it!

Learn more in the Getting Started Guide and Documentation.


Questions are answered on Stack Overflow. Just tag your question melt.


Bugs and feature suggestions are posted on GitHub.


Follow us on Twitter for updates and new releases.


Contribute by forking Melt on GitHub and adding additional features that you need. Also, be sure to update the official documentation if you feel that anything is missing!