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Great addition to chosen, but some weird styling issues #1

ramieblatt opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hi there,

First off, Great addition to chosen! I've added a comment with link to this repo, here: harvesthq/chosen#79

It works great the only issue I see is some weird styling issue, where the text field shrinks to ~4 or 5 characters as you type in a search term, so that you only see the first few letters. It happens for me if you type in a long state name on your demo page here: using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.


hey, I noticed that also. It can be fixed with a patched line to chosen.

Make line 532 of read line like:

      if( w > @f_width-10 or w is 25 )

And you should be good to go.

Also - if you're looking to do a little more with this plug in, check out my fork of it. I've added a ton of functionality.


I am seeing this styling behavior and moreover have the problem that when I switch from fancy string similarity comparison to traditional "contains" autocomplete the search box won't search right away after loading. Then once the user has entered three or four characters the plugin seems to work.

@earnold I checked out your fork but couldn't get it to work with the ajax data code. Could you post your example so I can try your fork? thanks

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