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So I've been working on some enhancements and went perusing through the assorted forks of ajax-chosen to see who had the most fleshed out version. I settled on a fork which seemed to integrate all the features that were merely touched upon in all the other forks, and merged in a fix from some other branches.

On top of that I added a very new feature: initialQuery

initialQuery allows you to populate the dropmenu when the chosen widget is first opened (on click or focus). This way you can show for instance the first 50 records and then start firing subsequent ajax requests for 10 records at a time.

Extra data is passed to the callback function so that you can determine how the ajax is being triggered (focus vs keyup) allowing you to modify the request accordingly.

I will subsequently be adding 2 major features in the near future

  1. I will be adding ajax-powered pagination when you scroll through the list. Our company has thousands of records and they want to have it so when you scroll to the bottom of the widget, another ajax request is fired pulling in another batch of records.
  2. Rich formatting in the dropmenu. This will probably be applied to the core widget however, but will allow you to add things such as images, newlines, bold text, etc to each item in the dropmenu.

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meltingice Feb 15, 2012


Taking a look at this and testing it out, thanks!


meltingice commented Feb 15, 2012

Taking a look at this and testing it out, thanks!

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