Pagination upon scrolling #24

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In my fork, I am using a merge of several forks that abstracted the ajax request out to a callback so that the developer may handle the ajax call themself, in addition to the response handling.

Since I added an 'initialQuery' which fires an ajaxRequest when opened, I simply reuse this callback. However to differentiate between the normal request and the initial request, I'm passing a reference to the event that triggered the call, or a text name of it (such as type vs click, etc).

I've been sort of busy but I would like to implement a variation upon scroll where when you reach the bottom of the options, it fires a second request with pagination information, and again, taking advantage of the event information to help the developer know which use-case this is, he can modify the request accordingly.

If you do not wish to implement my fork, I will have to look into continually merging your updates (somehow) into my version, as yours currently may be somewhat limiting.

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