Sends an email to a given address upon resource creation and/or update.
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ResourceWatcher is MODX Revolution plugin that let you send emails upon resource update and/or creation.


  • Either install from the package manager or run the build script.
  • Configure the plugin behavior in the system settings (resourcewatcher namespace).

Notes: Sender name & email address used to send emails are respectively site_name & emailsender values (defined in your system settings).

By default, all resources are "monitored" (in any context). You can add constraints using "hooks" (snippets).


Would you like to support? Since my mother language isn't English, i might (more than probably) have written ugly English. Feel free to provide a better one. Also, if you speak another language, do not hesitate to provide a translation.

Can you write better code? Go on, fork, commit, pull request (comments on what i've done badly are also welcome… help me become a better dev!).

Copyright Information

ResourceWatcher is distributed as GPL (as MODx Revolution is), but the copyright owner (Romain Tripault) grants all users of ResourceWatcher the ability to modify, distribute and use ResourceWatcher in MODx development as they see fit, as long as attribution is given somewhere in the distributed source of all derivative works.