A parent pom for meltmedia open source software.
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meltmedia OSS Parent POM

Build Status

A parent POM for meltmedia OSS projects. This POM is designed to work with the Sonatype OSS Maven Repository.

Using this POM

To use this POM as the parent of your project, add this to your projects POM:


What belongs in this POM?

This POM should only include general build and deployment information. This POM should not include items related to specific projects. For instance, blocks like dependencies or dependencyManagement should not be added to this POM.

Baseline Configuration


This POM defaults Java 1.8 source and target versions. You can set maven.compiler.source and maven.compiler.target to change those settings.


The javadoc plugin is configured to support Markdown comments with the Pegdown Doclet.

Format Lifecycle

This POM provides a format lifecycle extention, with the phases pre-format, format and post-format. You can format a project using:

mvn format

License Headers

During the format phase, Apache 2 license headers will be added to the project source. You can set project.project.inceptionYear, copyright.owner and copyright.email to control the content in the header.