A simple prayer times Android and iOS app for Belfast and London
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Prayer times

This is an Ionic app that displays prayer times from a prayer times table.


  • Prayer times directly from mosque prayer time table
  • Realtime countdown to next prayer
  • Notifications when it's time to pray!
  • Automatically enable night mode during the night
  • Clean, simple design. Under 5mb size!

Supported locations:

  • Belfast (Belfast Islamic Centre, NIMFA)
  • London (London Unified Islamic Time Table)

Live app


Git clone this repo, then run the following commands in the project directory:

npm install
npm install -g ionic cordova
ionic serve


Feel free to create a pull request.

Add a new location

  1. Copy the London time table and paste it into a new file in the same directory, e.g. cp src/assets/prayertimes/london.json src/assets/prayertimes/mylocation.json
  2. Update the options in the settings screen in src/providers/prayertimes.ts


  type: 'radio',
  label: 'My Location',
  value: 'mylocation',
  checked: previousLocation === 'mylocation'