The JUpyter-GRemlin Interface
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The JUpyter-GRemlin Interface. The Gremlinpython package is easy to use to create queries against any property graph that supports the Tinkerpop interface. However, parsing the gremlin results is more complex as the returned list can contain many objects. The JUGRI package will help the developer by providing an easy to use interface to convert these results into the widely used Pandas DataFrame.

More features are on their way...


Tested on Python 3.7

  • gremlinpython
  • pandas


Install from PyPI (the usual way)

pip install --user --upgrade jugri

Install from source

pip install --user --upgrade -e

or (using https)

pip install --user --upgrade -e git+


Convert Gremlin query results to a Pandas DataFrame:

import jugri
from gremlin_python.structure.graph import Graph

graph = Graph()
g = graph.traversal()

df = jugri.to_df(g.V().valueMap(True).limit(10))

# df is a Pandas DataFrame with the results of the query.

You can find a Jupyter notebook example in the /example folder.


pip uninstall jugri