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Password pre-hasher.

passph provides an approach to keeping the level of password strength consistent, while not sacrificing memorability and eliminating the possibility of pattern detection in case passwords are compromised.

This tool may introduce other security risks if used incorrectly. (Use at your own risk!)

Copy-to-clipboard (-c) functionality available for:

Systems with X (via xclip); Android; Windows; OSX


  • Python 2.6 and up, or Python 3. Argparse will only work with 2.7 and up.
  • Optional: xclip for copying to the clipboard on systems with X.
  • Optional: SL4A Python for use on Android platform.


usage: passph [-h] [-c] [-p] [-u URL] [-i C] [-l LEN] [-A] [-e]
              [--show-entropy] [-v]

Password Pre-Hasher: Use at your own risk! By default the program does NOT
output anything, please choose from available options.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c, --clip            Copy output to clipboard.
  -p, --print           Print output to stdout.
  -u URL, --salt-url URL
                        Use contents at URL as salt.
  -i C, --iterations C  Iterations of PBKDF2. [Default: 8000]
  -l LEN, --length LEN  Length of result. [Default: 25]
  -A, --alt-charlist    Use alternative charlist, from either environment
                        variable PASSPH_CHARLIST or a preset builtin.
  -e, --echo            Echo passwords/passphrases.
  --show-entropy        Show estimated output password entropy.
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit


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