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Migrate Bitbucket repositories over to Github.
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Bitbucket to Github Migration - forked

This repository transfers ALL of your Bitbucket repositories to Github while maintaining its privacy status.

Changes made in the fork

  • Make use of exception handling, instead of passing flag to indicate status
  • Make use of Promise.all() to pull/create/push repos "at the same time"
  • Repositories are cloned using SSH instead of HTTPS.

Getting Started

Make sure you have node and npm before continuing.

Add your SSH public key to Bitbucket

Since this version of the script is cloning Bitbucket repos with SSH, make sure your SSH public key is added into Bitbucket settings.

Clone the repo

git clone

Enter the repo

cd bitbucket-to-github/

Install dependencies

npm i

Make an environment variable file

cp .env.sample .env

Create an access token on Github

Use to create your token.

Enter your Github and Bitbucket credentials to .env

This repository uses the dotenv library to handle configuration variables.

Run the script

node index.js

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