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Cloud Services demo with web and worker roles using Azure service bus
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Case Manager Web
Case Manager Worker Role

Azure Cloud Services Demo

This demo is a demonstration for using Cloud Services, Web & Worker roles, Azure Storage (Tables) and Azure Service Bus communications.

The demo structure:

  1. Cloud Service: A service that contains web and worker roles that communicate to each other using azure service bus and store processed messages into Azure table storage.

  2. Web Role: A web app to collect user's claims, the app submits these claims into azure service bus.

  3. Worker Role: Receive submitted messages by web roles from azure service bus. The worker role capture the message content and store the details into Azure table sorage.

  4. Azure Service Bus: A communication channel for captured claims from a web role. The messages are being submitted to the service bus and picked up by a worker role.

  5. Azure Table Storage: This is used to store processed messages from a service bus. The case manager worker role capture users' claims and store it in Azure tables.

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