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- id: 1
name: Body Weight
slug: weight
unit: Kilogram
unit_symbol: kg
- id: 2
name: Systolic Pressure
slug: systolic_pressure
unit: Millimeters of Mercury
unit_symbol: mm Hg
about: Minimum blood pressure (the bigger number)
- id: 3
name: Diastolic Pressure
slug: diastolic_pressure
unit: Millimeters of Mercury
unit_symbol: mm Hg
about: Maximum blood pressure (the smaller number)
- id: 4
name: Internal Body Temperature
slug: internal_body_temp
unit: Celsius
unit_symbol: °C
about: Internal Body Temperature
- id: 5
name: Lifelog Stress Value
slug: lifelog_stress
unit: Percentage
unit_symbol: "%"
about: "Sony's Lifelog Stress Value, reading from 0 - 100 based on Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability"
- id: 6
name: Heart Rate
slug: heart_rate
unit: Beats Per Minute
unit_symbol: bpm
about: Beats Per Minute Heart Rate