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- id: 10
name: absorbed (buccal)
slug: absorbed_buccal
method: absorbed
administration: buccal
about: absorbed via the gums and cheek
- id: 20
name: absorbed (implant)
slug: absorbed_implant
method: absorbed
administration: implant
about: implanted into the body
- id: 30
name: absorbed (topical)
slug: absorbed_topical
method: absorbed
administration: topical
about: applied locally to the skin
- id: 40
name: absorbed (transdermal)
slug: absorbed_transdermal
method: absorbed
administration: transdermal
about: absorbed via a patch on the skin
- id: 50
name: absorbed (sublingual)
slug: absorbed_sublingual
method: absorbed
administration: sublingual
about: absorbed under the tongue
- id: 60
name: absorbed (systemic)
slug: absorbed_systemic
method: absorbed
administration: systemic
about: body wide absorption via the the skin
- id: 110
name: drops (ocular)
slug: drops_ocular
method: drops
administration: ocular
about: ear drops
- id: 120
name: drops (optic)
slug: drops_optic
method: drops
administration: optic
about: eye drops
- id: 130
name: drops (rectal)
slug: drops_rectal
method: drops
administration: rectal
about: rectal drops
- id: 140
name: drops (urethral)
slug: drops_urethral
method: drops
administration: urethral
about: urethral drops
- id: 150
name: drops (vaginal)
slug: drops_vaginal
method: drops
administration: vaginal
about: vaginal drops
- id: 210
name: oral (capsule)
slug: oral_capsule
method: oral
administration: capsule
about: orally consumed capsules containing medication
- id: 220
name: oral (edible)
slug: oral_edible
method: oral
administration: edible
about: orally consumed edible containing medication
- id: 230
name: oral (liquid)
slug: oral_liquid
method: oral
administration: liquid
about: orally consumed liquid containing medication
- id: 240
name: oral (tablet)
slug: oral_tablet
method: oral
administration: tablet
about: orally consumed tablets containing medication
- id: 310
name: inhaled (smoked)
slug: inhaled_smoked
method: inhaled
administration: smoked
about: smoked medication
- id: 320
name: inhaled (vapour)
slug: inhaled_vapour
method: inhaled
administration: vapour
about: vapourized medication
- id: 410
name: nasal (spray)
slug: nasal_spray
method: nasal
administration: spray
about: nasal spray
- id: 510
name: nebulized (mouth)
slug: nebulized_mouth
method: nebulized
administration: mouth
about: small aerosol droplets administered into the mouth
- id: 520
name: nebulized (nose & mouth)
slug: nebulized_nose_mouth
method: nebulized
administration: nose & mouth
about: small aerosol droplets administered into the nose & mouth
- id: 610
name: injected (intravenous)
slug: injected_intravenous
method: injected
administration: intravenous
about: injected directly into a vein
- id: 620
name: injected (intramuscular)
slug: injected_intramuscular
method: injected
administration: intramuscular
about: injected into a muscle
- id: 630
name: injected (intrathecal)
slug: injected_intrathecal
method: injected
administration: intrathecal
about: injected into spinal canal
- id: 640
name: injected (subcutaneous)
slug: injected_subcutaneous
method: injected
administration: subcutaneous
about: injected into the subcutis, the layer of skin directly
- id: 710
name: suppository (rectal)
slug: suppository_rectal
method: suppository
administration: rectal
about: a solid dosage form that is inserted into the rectum
- id: 720
name: suppository (urethral)
slug: suppository_urethral
method: suppository
administration: urethral
about: a solid dosage form that is inserted into the urethra
- id: 730
name: suppository (vaginal)
slug: suppository_vaginal
method: suppository
administration: vaginal
about: a solid dosage form that is inserted into the vagina