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MMI Form Module

This module generates form markup in either HTML4 or HTML5. By default, HTML5 elements and attributes are generated.

Features include:

  • forms and form fields are easy to create and configure
  • checkbox and radio button groups are automatically created when an array of choices is specified
  • CSRF and CAPTCHA functionality can each be implemented with 1 line of code.
  • in browsers that do not support the new input types (email, tel, url, etc) or new input attributes (pattern, required, etc), the corresponding server-side validation rules are generated
  • with the jQuery validation plugin enabled, client-side script is generated from server-side validation rules
  • both client and server-side messages are extracted from the same message file
  • HTML Purifier is integrated as a filter
  • custom validation rules to support server-side validation of HTML5's min, max, and step attributes


  • mmi-util (only for test controllers)
  • shadowhand's purifier (if using the purify filter)


Further documentation is found in the guide directory.

Test Controllers

Test controllers are located in classes/controller/mmi/form/test.

Inspiration & Credits

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