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/* -*- Mode: C; tab-width: 4; c-basic-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- */
#include "config.h"
#include <memcached/engine.h>
#include "genhash.h"
#include "topkeys.h"
#include "bucket_engine.h"
typedef union proxied_engine {
} proxied_engine_t;
typedef enum {
} bucket_state_t;
typedef struct proxied_engine_handle {
const char *name;
size_t name_len;
proxied_engine_t pe;
void *stats;
topkeys_t **topkeys;
TAP_ITERATOR tap_iterator;
bool tap_iterator_disabled;
/* ON_DISCONNECT handling */
volatile bool wants_disconnects;
/* Force shutdown flag */
bool force_shutdown;
const void *cb_data;
/* count of connections + 1 for hashtable reference + number of
* reserved connections for this bucket + number of temporary
* references created by find_bucket & frieds.
* count of connections is count of engine_specific instances
* having peh equal to this engine_handle. There's only one
* exception which is connections for which on_disconnect callback
* was called but which are kept alive by reserved > 0. For those
* connections we drop refcount in on_disconnect but keep peh
* field so that bucket_engine_release_cookie can decrement peh
* refcount.
* Handle itself can be freed when this drops to zero. This can
* only happen when bucket is deleted (but can happen later
* because some connection can hold pointer longer) */
volatile int refcount;
volatile int clients; /* # of clients currently calling functions in the engine */
const void *cookie;
void *dlhandle;
volatile bucket_state_t state;
} proxied_engine_handle_t;
#define ES_CONNECTED_FLAG 0x1000
* bucket_engine needs to store data specific to a given connection.
* In order to do that it utilize the "engine-specific" field for a
* cookie. Due to the fact that the underlying engine needs to be able
* to use the field as well, we need a holder-structure to contain
* the bucket-specific data and the underlying engine-specific data.
typedef struct engine_specific {
/** The engine this cookie is connected to */
proxied_engine_handle_t *peh;
/** The userdata stored by the underlying engine */
void *engine_specific;
/** The number of times the underlying engine tried to reserve
* this connection */
/* 0x1000 is added while we think memcached connection is
* alive. We'll decrement it when processing ON_DISCONNECT
* callback. */
int reserved;
} engine_specific_t;
struct bucket_engine {
SERVER_HANDLE_V1 *upstream_server;
bool initialized;
bool has_default;
bool auto_create;
char *default_engine_path;
char *admin_user;
char *default_bucket_name;
char *default_bucket_config;
proxied_engine_handle_t default_engine;
pthread_mutex_t engines_mutex;
genhash_t *engines;
GET_SERVER_API get_server_api;
pthread_mutexattr_t *mutexattr;
pthread_mutexattr_t mutexattr_storage;
pthread_mutex_t reserve_mutex;
struct {
bool in_progress; /* Is the global shutdown in progress */
int bucket_counter; /* Number of treads currently running shutdown */
pthread_mutex_t mutex;
pthread_cond_t cond;
/* this condition signals either in_progress being true or
* some bucket's refcount being 0.
* This means that under some conditions (lots of buckets
* recently deleted but still have connections assigned on
* them) we'll have a bit of thundering herd problem, where
* too many bucket deletion threads are woken up
* needlessly. But that can be improved much later when and if
* we actually find this to be a problem. */
pthread_cond_t refcount_cond;
} shutdown;
union {
engine_info engine_info;
char buffer[sizeof(engine_info) +
(sizeof(feature_info) * LAST_REGISTERED_ENGINE_FEATURE)];
} info;
int topkeys;
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