Added colorization of output and scenario setup functionality #14

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I have added colorized output indicating success with green output and failure with red output. The color is returned to the default at the end.

I have also added support for scenario_setup run for each scenario if present to clear any states from earlier scenarios in the same feature test.

Hope this is useful.

Knut O. Hellan added some commits Oct 3, 2011
Knut O. Hellan Fixed teardown bug
The test for teardown looked for teardown/0, but attempted to call
teardown/1. This fix looks for teardown/1 as well
Knut O. Hellan Bugfix typo
Attempted to call a function in cucumber_parser. Corrected this to 
Knut O. Hellan Color coding output
Red for indicating failure
Green for indicating normal
Knut O. Hellan Ignoring test tmp dir and vi swp-files 7b2ec5d
Knut O. Hellan Feature scenario setup support
Add support for scenario_setup functions that is run at the beginning of
each scenario.
Knut O. Hellan Merge branch 'membase_original' into head_merge 60d43c4
Knut O. Hellan Add colorization
Add red color to the not implemented message
Knut O. Hellan Bugfix set default text color at the end a15244e
Knut O. Hellan Bugfix scenario setup
Keeps scenario setup result in State
Knut O. Hellan New rebar from basho d3c3d50
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