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#!/usr/bin/env python
Binary memcached test client.
Copyright (c) 2007 Dustin Sallings <>
import sys
import time
import hmac
import socket
import random
import struct
import exceptions
from memcacheConstants import REQ_MAGIC_BYTE, RES_MAGIC_BYTE
from memcacheConstants import REQ_PKT_FMT, RES_PKT_FMT, MIN_RECV_PACKET
from memcacheConstants import SET_PKT_FMT, DEL_PKT_FMT, INCRDECR_RES_FMT
import memcacheConstants
class MemcachedError(exceptions.Exception):
"""Error raised when a command fails."""
def __init__(self, status, msg):
supermsg='Memcached error #' + `status`
if msg: supermsg += ": " + msg
exceptions.Exception.__init__(self, supermsg)
def __repr__(self):
return "<MemcachedError #%d ``%s''>" % (self.status, self.msg)
class MemcachedClient(object):
"""Simple memcached client."""
vbucketId = 0
def __init__(self, host='', port=11211): = host
self.port = port
self.s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
self.s.connect_ex((host, port))
def close(self):
def __del__(self):
def _sendCmd(self, cmd, key, val, opaque, extraHeader='', cas=0):
msg=struct.pack(REQ_PKT_FMT, REQ_MAGIC_BYTE,
cmd, len(key), len(extraHeader), dtype, self.vbucketId,
len(key) + len(extraHeader) + len(val), opaque, cas)
self.s.send(msg + extraHeader + key + val)
def _handleKeyedResponse(self, myopaque):
response = ""
while len(response) < MIN_RECV_PACKET:
data = self.s.recv(MIN_RECV_PACKET - len(response))
if data == '':
raise exceptions.EOFError("Got empty data (remote died?).")
response += data
assert len(response) == MIN_RECV_PACKET
magic, cmd, keylen, extralen, dtype, errcode, remaining, opaque, cas=\
struct.unpack(RES_PKT_FMT, response)
rv = ""
while remaining > 0:
data = self.s.recv(remaining)
if data == '':
raise exceptions.EOFError("Got empty data (remote died?).")
rv += data
remaining -= len(data)
assert (magic in (RES_MAGIC_BYTE, REQ_MAGIC_BYTE)), "Got magic: %d" % magic
assert myopaque is None or opaque == myopaque, \
"expected opaque %x, got %x" % (myopaque, opaque)
if errcode != 0:
raise MemcachedError(errcode, rv)
return cmd, opaque, cas, keylen, extralen, rv
def _handleSingleResponse(self, myopaque):
cmd, opaque, cas, keylen, extralen, data = self._handleKeyedResponse(myopaque)
return opaque, cas, data
def _doCmd(self, cmd, key, val, extraHeader='', cas=0):
"""Send a command and await its response."""
opaque=self.r.randint(0, 2**32)
self._sendCmd(cmd, key, val, opaque, extraHeader, cas)
return self._handleSingleResponse(opaque)
def _mutate(self, cmd, key, exp, flags, cas, val):
return self._doCmd(cmd, key, val, struct.pack(SET_PKT_FMT, flags, exp),
def _cat(self, cmd, key, cas, val):
return self._doCmd(cmd, key, val, '', cas)
def append(self, key, value, cas=0):
return self._cat(memcacheConstants.CMD_APPEND, key, cas, value)
def prepend(self, key, value, cas=0):
return self._cat(memcacheConstants.CMD_PREPEND, key, cas, value)
def __incrdecr(self, cmd, key, amt, init, exp):
something, cas, val=self._doCmd(cmd, key, '',
struct.pack(memcacheConstants.INCRDECR_PKT_FMT, amt, init, exp))
return struct.unpack(INCRDECR_RES_FMT, val)[0], cas
def incr(self, key, amt=1, init=0, exp=0):
"""Increment or create the named counter."""
return self.__incrdecr(memcacheConstants.CMD_INCR, key, amt, init, exp)
def decr(self, key, amt=1, init=0, exp=0):
"""Decrement or create the named counter."""
return self.__incrdecr(memcacheConstants.CMD_DECR, key, amt, init, exp)
def set(self, key, exp, flags, val):
"""Set a value in the memcached server."""
return self._mutate(memcacheConstants.CMD_SET, key, exp, flags, 0, val)
def add(self, key, exp, flags, val):
"""Add a value in the memcached server iff it doesn't already exist."""
return self._mutate(memcacheConstants.CMD_ADD, key, exp, flags, 0, val)
def replace(self, key, exp, flags, val):
"""Replace a value in the memcached server iff it already exists."""
return self._mutate(memcacheConstants.CMD_REPLACE, key, exp, flags, 0,
def __parseGet(self, data):
flags=struct.unpack(memcacheConstants.GET_RES_FMT, data[-1][:4])[0]
return flags, data[1], data[-1][4:]
def get(self, key):
"""Get the value for a given key within the memcached server."""
parts=self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_GET, key, '')
return self.__parseGet(parts)
def cas(self, key, exp, flags, oldVal, val):
"""CAS in a new value for the given key and comparison value."""
self._mutate(memcacheConstants.CMD_SET, key, exp, flags,
oldVal, val)
def version(self):
"""Get the value for a given key within the memcached server."""
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_VERSION, '', '')
def sasl_mechanisms(self):
"""Get the supported SASL methods."""
return set(self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_SASL_LIST_MECHS,
'', '')[2].split(' '))
def sasl_auth_start(self, mech, data):
"""Start a sasl auth session."""
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_SASL_AUTH, mech, data)
def sasl_auth_plain(self, user, password, foruser=''):
"""Perform plain auth."""
return self.sasl_auth_start('PLAIN', '\0'.join([foruser, user, password]))
def sasl_auth_cram_md5(self, user, password):
"""Start a plan auth session."""
self.sasl_auth_start('CRAM-MD5', '')
except MemcachedError, e:
if e.status != memcacheConstants.ERR_AUTH_CONTINUE:
challenge = e.msg
dig = hmac.HMAC(password, challenge).hexdigest()
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_SASL_STEP, 'CRAM-MD5',
user + ' ' + dig)
def stop_persistence(self):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_STOP_PERSISTENCE, '', '')
def start_persistence(self):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_START_PERSISTENCE, '', '')
def set_flush_param(self, key, val):
print "setting flush param:", key, val
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_SET_FLUSH_PARAM, key, val)
def stop_replication(self):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_STOP_REPLICATION, '', '')
def start_replication(self):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_START_REPLICATION, '', '')
def set_tap_param(self, key, val):
print "setting tap param:", key, val
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_SET_TAP_PARAM, key, val)
def set_vbucket_state(self, vbucket, state):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_SET_VBUCKET_STATE,
str(vbucket), state)
def get_vbucket_state(self, vbucket):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_GET_VBUCKET_STATE,
str(vbucket), '')
def delete_vbucket(self, vbucket):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_DELETE_VBUCKET, str(vbucket), '')
def evict_key(self, key):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_EVICT_KEY, key, '')
def getMulti(self, keys):
"""Get values for any available keys in the given iterable.
Returns a dict of matched keys to their values."""
# Send all of the keys in quiet
for k,v in opaqued.iteritems():
self._sendCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_GETQ, v, '', k)
self._sendCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_NOOP, '', '', terminal)
# Handle the response
while not done:
opaque, cas, data=self._handleSingleResponse(None)
if opaque != terminal:
rv[opaqued[opaque]]=self.__parseGet((opaque, cas, data))
return rv
def stats(self, sub=''):
"""Get stats."""
opaque=self.r.randint(0, 2**32)
self._sendCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_STAT, sub, '', opaque)
done = False
rv = {}
while not done:
cmd, opaque, cas, klen, extralen, data = self._handleKeyedResponse(None)
if klen:
rv[data[0:klen]] = data[klen:]
done = True
return rv
def noop(self):
"""Send a noop command."""
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_NOOP, '', '')
def delete(self, key, cas=0):
"""Delete the value for a given key within the memcached server."""
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_DELETE, key, '', '', cas)
def flush(self, timebomb=0):
"""Flush all storage in a memcached instance."""
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_FLUSH, '', '',
struct.pack(memcacheConstants.FLUSH_PKT_FMT, timebomb))
def bucket_select(self, name):
return self._doCmd(memcacheConstants.CMD_SELECT_BUCKET, name, '')
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