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Add check for pthreads in

This fixes a build issue for make test on ubuntu.

Change-Id: I56b1c75f964046c3d6e92d69eac80926cf6ccff2
Reviewed-by: Chiyoung Seo <>
Tested-by: Chiyoung Seo <>
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mikewied authored and chiyoung committed Aug 30, 2012
1 parent d033559 commit 5b7700556486ee222bd409b452ec0fdf4fc60fbd
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@@ -65,6 +65,11 @@ COUCHBASE_GENERIC_COMPILER(c99 c++ pthread)
AS_IF([test "$ac_cv_enable_gcov" = "yes"],
[ LIBS="$LIBS -lgcov" ])
+AC_SEARCH_LIBS(pthread_create, pthread)
+if test "x$ac_cv_search_pthread_create" = "xno"; then
+ AC_MSG_ERROR([Can't enable threads without the POSIX thread library.])
AC_CHECK_HEADERS_ONCE([arpa/inet.h netdb.h mach/mach_time.h poll.h
atomic.h sysexits.h unistd.h sys/socket.h
netinet/in.h netinet/tcp.h ws2tcpip.h

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