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libvbucket: a vbucket library for memcached

Config syntax

The configuration string is JSON.


  "hashAlgorithm": "CRC",
  "numReplicas": 2,
  "serverList": ["server1:11211", "server2:11210", "server3:11211"],
      [0, 1, 2],
      [1, 2, 0],
      [2, 1, -1],
      [1, 2, 0]


The hash algorithm can be in upper or lower case. Libvbucket currently supports the following hash algorithms (via libhashkit):

  • default - this is libhashkit's default of one_at_a_time
  • md5
  • crc - this is CRC32, a good general purpose hash for short strings
  • fnv1_64
  • fnv1a_64
  • fnv1_32
  • fnv1a_32
  • hsieh
  • murmur
  • jenkins


numReplicas is the number of extra copies that will be stored on servers. Each vBucket in vBucketMap must have this number of server indexes plus one (the master server).


This has one string per server, in whatever format your app expects a server config string in. This may change to be more structured later.


This contains one entry per vBucket, and the number of entries must be a power of two. Each entry must be an array of numReplicas+1 zero-based indices into serverList, with the first entry indicating the master server for the bucket and the remaining entries specifying the replicas, in order. -1 indicates that no server is mapped for that particular master/replica of that particular vBucket.

In the future this will probably be extended to support "intermediate states" of vBuckets which are being migrated.