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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<remote name="apache" fetch="git://"/>
<remote name="couchbase" fetch="git://"/>
<remote name="erlang" fetch="git://"/>
<remote name="membase" fetch="git://"/>
<project path="otp" name="otp" remote="erlang"
revision="refs/tags/OTP_R14B04" />
<project path="icu4c" name="icu4c" remote="couchbase"
revision="26359393672c378f41f2103a8699c4357c894be7" />
<project path="snappy" name="snappy" remote="couchbase"
revision="5681dde156e9d07adbeeab79666c9a9d7a10ec95" />
<project name="v8" path="v8" remote="couchbase"
revision="refs/tags/3.9.7" />
<project name="gperftools" path="gperftools" remote="couchbase"
revision="old-master" />
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