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add a note about Sigar

It needs a symlink to find headers on OS X
with newer Xcode versions

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@@ -8,14 +8,24 @@ Using [homebrew][homebrew] and the ruby that ships with a recent OS X,
you can easily install the dependencies using the following commands:
sudo easy_install -U pyrex
- brew install bzr --system
+ brew install bazaar --system
brew install libevent
- brew install gpg
+ brew install gnupg
+ brew install v8
+ brew install snappy
+ brew install erlang
Optionally, you can install repo from homebrew as well:
brew install repo
+If you have a recent version of Xcode (4.3+), it no longer lives in the `/Developer` directory. This
+will cause one of the subcomponents (Sigar) to fail to build. For the time being the workaround is to create
+a symbolic link from the old (expected) header files directory, to the new place Xcode likes to keep
+it's headers. Do it like this:
+ sudo ln -s /Applications/ /Developer
### Debian/Ubuntu:
The following works for a clean Debian stable (squeeze) installation (under root):
@@ -53,6 +63,9 @@ Get the latest version from [the google project page](
## Clone the Manifest
+For `<branch_name>` below, you probably want to use `branch-2.0.xml` unless you are working on a
+maintenance or experimental branch.
$ mkdir couchbase
$ cd couchbase
$ repo init -u git:// -m <branch_name>

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