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MB-6757: Make sure 1.8.1 build set with fixed release revision

Bug MB-6757 is only applicable to 2.0 build, but not to 1.8.x build

Change-Id: I925af8c522e87024def22ed82ac58803f73e2eb9
Reviewed-by: Farshid Ghods <>
Tested-by: Farshid Ghods <>
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1 parent c5254f0 commit a78e5908b563a16123568e17e56236ea751fa025 @bcui6611 bcui6611 committed with Farshid Ghods Oct 1, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 branch-1.8.1.xml
@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@
<default remote="membase" revision="master"/>
<project name="bucket_engine" path="bucket_engine" revision="branch-181"/>
- <project name="couchbase-python-client" path="couchbase-python-client" revision="couchbase-181"
- remote="couchbase"/>
+ <project name="couchbase-python-client" path="couchbase-python-client"
+ revision="9750242ac52186c416b122cab0b8dcb73f4bb6b7" remote="couchbase"/>
<project name="ep-engine" path="ep-engine" revision="branch-181"/>
<project name="icu4c" path="icu4c" revision="26359393672c378f41f2103a8699c4357c894be7"

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