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MB-7468: point to updated portsigar

So that we can gather page fault stats

Change-Id: I0e950eb6d611d60ea978dab8911f3b34046e823b
Tested-by: Aliaksey Kandratsenka <>
Reviewed-by: Aliaksey Artamonau <>
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commit c0cebc33f53330b403a740c3bf4d14b367e7ce23 1 parent 2ff1b71
Aliaksey Kandratsenka (aka Aliaksei Kandratsenka) alk authored aartamonau committed
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  branch-2.0.2.xml
2  branch-2.0.2.xml
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
<project name="memcached" path="memcached" remote="membase"/>
<project name="moxi" path="moxi"/>
<project name="ns_server" path="ns_server"/>
- <project name="portsigar" path="portsigar" revision="1bc865e1622fb93a3fe0d1a4cdf18eb97ed9d600" />
+ <project name="portsigar" path="portsigar" revision="159b6179ea8a3c2075ee9eb2afa6f91c98c0fda6" />
<project name="sigar" path="sigar" revision="master" />
<project path="couchbase-examples" name="couchbase-examples" />
<project path="couchbase-python-client" name="couchbase-python-client" revision="couchbase-181" />
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