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#!/usr/bin/env python
import logging
import socket
import struct
import time
import sys
import mc_bin_client
import memcacheConstants
import pump
import ctypes
except ImportError:
cb_path = '/opt/couchbase/lib/python'
while cb_path in sys.path:
import ctypes
except ImportError:
sys.exit('error: could not import ctypes module')
sys.path.insert(0, cb_path)
OP_MAP = {
'get': memcacheConstants.CMD_GET,
'set': memcacheConstants.CMD_SET,
'add': memcacheConstants.CMD_ADD,
'delete': memcacheConstants.CMD_DELETE,
'get': memcacheConstants.CMD_GET,
'set': memcacheConstants.CMD_SET_WITH_META,
'add': memcacheConstants.CMD_ADD_WITH_META,
'delete': memcacheConstants.CMD_DELETE_WITH_META
class MCSink(pump.Sink):
"""Dumb client sink using binary memcached protocol.
Used when moxi or memcached is destination."""
def __init__(self, opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur):
super(MCSink, self).__init__(opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur)
self.op_map = OP_MAP
if opts.extra.get("try_xwm", 1):
self.op_map = OP_MAP_WITH_META
def close(self):
self.push_next_batch(None, None)
def check_base(opts, spec):
if getattr(opts, "destination_vbucket_state", "active") != "active":
return ("error: only --destination-vbucket-state=active" +
" is supported by this destination: %s") % (spec)
op = getattr(opts, "destination_operation", None)
if not op in [None, 'set', 'add', 'get']:
return ("error: --destination-operation unsupported value: %s" +
"; use set, add, get") % (op)
# Skip immediate superclass Sink.check_base(),
# since MCSink can handle different destination operations.
return pump.EndPoint.check_base(opts, spec)
def run(self):
"""Worker thread to asynchronously store batches into sink."""
mconns = {} # State kept across scatter_gather() calls.
while not self.ctl['stop']:
batch, future = self.pull_next_batch()
if not batch:
self.future_done(future, 0)
backoff = 0.1 # Reset backoff after a good batch.
while batch: # Loop in case retry is required.
rv, batch, need_backoff = self.scatter_gather(mconns, batch)
if rv != 0:
self.future_done(future, rv)
if batch:
self.cur["tot_sink_retry_batch"] = \
self.cur.get("tot_sink_retry_batch", 0) + 1
if need_backoff:
backoff = min(backoff * 2.0, 10.0)
logging.warn("backing off, secs: %s" % (backoff))
self.future_done(future, 0)
def close_mconns(self, mconns):
for k, conn in mconns.items():
def scatter_gather(self, mconns, batch):
conn = mconns.get("conn")
if not conn:
rv, conn = self.connect()
if rv != 0:
return rv, None
mconns["conn"] = conn
# TODO: (1) MCSink - run() handle --data parameter.
# Scatter or send phase.
rv = self.send_msgs(conn, batch.msgs, self.operation())
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
# Gather or recv phase.
rv, retry, refresh = self.recv_msgs(conn, batch.msgs)
if refresh:
if retry:
return rv, batch, True
return rv, None, None
def send_msgs(self, conn, msgs, operation, vbucket_id=None):
m = []
for i, msg in enumerate(msgs):
cmd, vbucket_id_msg, key, flg, exp, cas, meta, val = msg
if vbucket_id is not None:
vbucket_id_msg = vbucket_id
if self.skip(key, vbucket_id_msg):
rv, cmd = self.translate_cmd(cmd, operation, meta)
if rv != 0:
return rv
if cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_GET:
val, flg, exp, cas = '', 0, 0, 0
if cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_NOOP:
key, val, flg, exp, cas = '', '', 0, 0, 0
if cmd in (memcacheConstants.CMD_DELETE, memcacheConstants.CMD_DELETE_WITH_META):
val = ''
rv, req = self.cmd_request(cmd, vbucket_id_msg, key, val,
exp, cas, meta, i)
if rv != 0:
return rv
self.append_req(m, req)
if m:
except socket.error, e:
return "error: conn.send() exception: %s" % (e)
return 0
def recv_msgs(self, conn, msgs, vbucket_id=None):
refresh = False
retry = False
for i, msg in enumerate(msgs):
cmd, vbucket_id_msg, key, flg, exp, cas, meta, val = msg
if vbucket_id is not None:
vbucket_id_msg = vbucket_id
if self.skip(key, vbucket_id_msg):
r_cmd, r_status, r_ext, r_key, r_val, r_cas, r_opaque = \
if i != r_opaque:
return "error: opaque mismatch: %s %s" % (i, r_opaque), None, None
if r_status == memcacheConstants.ERR_SUCCESS:
elif r_status == memcacheConstants.ERR_KEY_EEXISTS:
logging.warn("item exists: %s, key: %s" %
(self.spec, key))
elif r_status == memcacheConstants.ERR_KEY_ENOENT:
if (cmd != memcacheConstants.CMD_TAP_DELETE and
cmd != memcacheConstants.CMD_GET):
logging.warn("item not found: %s, key: %s" %
(self.spec, key))
elif (r_status == memcacheConstants.ERR_ETMPFAIL or
r_status == memcacheConstants.ERR_EBUSY or
r_status == memcacheConstants.ERR_ENOMEM):
retry = True # Retry the whole batch again next time.
continue # But, finish recv'ing current batch.
elif r_status == memcacheConstants.ERR_NOT_MY_VBUCKET:
msg = ("received NOT_MY_VBUCKET;"
" perhaps the cluster is/was rebalancing;"
" vbucket_id: %s, key: %s, spec: %s, host:port: %s:%s"
% (vbucket_id_msg, key, self.spec,, conn.port))
if self.opts.extra.get("nmv_retry", 1):
logging.warn("warning: " + msg)
refresh = True
retry = True
self.cur["tot_sink_not_my_vbucket"] = \
self.cur.get("tot_sink_not_my_vbucket", 0) + 1
return "error: " + msg, None, None
elif r_status == memcacheConstants.ERR_UNKNOWN_COMMAND:
if self.op_map == OP_MAP:
if not retry:
return "error: unknown command: %s" % (r_cmd), None, None
if not retry:
logging.warn("destination does not take XXX-WITH-META"
" commands; will use META-less commands")
self.op_map = OP_MAP
retry = True
return "error: MCSink MC error: " + str(r_status), None, None
except Exception, e:
logging.error("MCSink exception: %s", e)
return "error: MCSink exception: " + str(e), None, None
return 0, retry, refresh
def translate_cmd(self, cmd, op, meta):
if len(str(meta)) <= 0:
# The source gave no meta, so use regular commands.
self.op_map = OP_MAP
if cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_TAP_MUTATION:
m = self.op_map.get(op, None)
if m:
return 0, m
return "error: MCSink.translate_cmd, unsupported op: " + op, None
if cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_TAP_DELETE:
if op == 'get':
return 0, memcacheConstants.CMD_NOOP
return 0, self.op_map['delete']
if cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_GET:
return 0, cmd
return "error: MCSink - unknown cmd: %s, op: %s" % (cmd, op), None
def append_req(self, m, req):
hdr, ext, key, val = req
if ext:
if key:
if val:
def can_handle(opts, spec):
return (spec.startswith("memcached://") or
def check(opts, spec, source_map):
host, port, user, pswd, path = \
pump.parse_spec(opts, spec, int(getattr(opts, "port", 11211)))
rv, conn = MCSink.connect_mc(host, port, user, pswd)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None
return 0, None
def refresh_sink_map(self):
return 0
def consume_design(opts, sink_spec, sink_map,
source_bucket, source_map, source_design):
if source_design:
logging.warn("warning: cannot restore bucket design"
" on a memached destination")
return 0
def consume_batch_async(self, batch):
return self.push_next_batch(batch, pump.SinkBatchFuture(self, batch))
def connect(self):
host, port, user, pswd, path = \
pump.parse_spec(self.opts, self.spec,
int(getattr(self.opts, "port", 11211)))
return MCSink.connect_mc(host, port, user, pswd)
def connect_mc(host, port, user, pswd):
mc = mc_bin_client.MemcachedClient(host, int(port))
if user:
mc.sasl_auth_plain(str(user), str(pswd))
except EOFError:
return "error: SASL auth error: %s:%s, user: %s" % \
(host, port, user), None
except mc_bin_client.MemcachedError:
return "error: SASL auth failed: %s:%s, user: %s" % \
(host, port, user), None
except socket.error:
return "error: SASL auth exception: %s:%s, user: %s" % \
(host, port, user), None
return 0, mc
def cmd_request(self, cmd, vbucket_id, key, val, flg, exp, cas, meta, opaque):
if (cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_SET_WITH_META or
cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_ADD_WITH_META or
cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_DELETE_WITH_META):
if meta:
seq_no = str(meta)
if len(seq_no) > 8:
seq_no = seq_no[0:8]
if len(seq_no) < 8:
# The seq_no might be 32-bits from 2.0DP4, so pad with 0x00's.
seq_no = ('\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00' + seq_no)[-8:]
check_seqno, = struct.unpack(">Q", seq_no)
if check_seqno:
ext = (struct.pack(">II", flg, exp) + seq_no +
struct.pack(">Q", cas))
ext = struct.pack(">IIQQ", flg, exp, 1, cas)
ext = struct.pack(">IIQQ", flg, exp, 1, cas)
elif (cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_SET or
cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_ADD):
ext = struct.pack(memcacheConstants.SET_PKT_FMT, flg, exp)
elif (cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_DELETE or
cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_GET or
cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_NOOP):
ext = ''
return "error: MCSink - unknown cmd for request: " + str(cmd), None
hdr = self.cmd_header(cmd, vbucket_id, key, val, ext, 0, opaque)
return 0, (hdr, ext, key, val)
def cmd_header(self, cmd, vbucket_id, key, val, ext, cas, opaque,
return struct.pack(fmt, magic, cmd,
len(key), len(ext), dtype, vbucket_id,
len(key) + len(ext) + len(val), opaque, cas)
def read_conn(self, conn):
ext = ''
key = ''
val = ''
buf, cmd, errcode, extlen, keylen, data, cas, opaque = \
self.recv_msg(conn.s, getattr(conn, 'buf', ''))
conn.buf = buf
if data:
ext = data[0:extlen]
key = data[extlen:extlen+keylen]
val = data[extlen+keylen:]
return cmd, errcode, ext, key, val, cas, opaque
def recv_msg(self, sock, buf):
pkt, buf = self.recv(sock, memcacheConstants.MIN_RECV_PACKET, buf)
if not pkt:
raise EOFError()
magic, cmd, keylen, extlen, dtype, errcode, datalen, opaque, cas = \
struct.unpack(memcacheConstants.RES_PKT_FMT, pkt)
if magic != memcacheConstants.RES_MAGIC_BYTE:
raise Exception("unexpected recv_msg magic: " + str(magic))
data, buf = self.recv(sock, datalen, buf)
return buf, cmd, errcode, extlen, keylen, data, cas, opaque
def recv(self, skt, nbytes, buf):
while len(buf) < nbytes:
data = None
data = skt.recv(max(nbytes - len(buf), 4096))
except socket.timeout:
logging.error("error: recv socket.timeout")
except Exception, e:
logging.error("error: recv exception: " + str(e))
if not data:
return None, ''
buf += data
return buf[:nbytes], buf[nbytes:]
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