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#!/usr/bin/env python
import ctypes
import logging
import simplejson as json
import socket
import struct
import time
import pump
import pump_mc
import mc_bin_client
import memcacheConstants
class CBSink(pump_mc.MCSink):
"""Smart client sink to couchbase cluster."""
def scatter_gather(self, mconns, batch):
sink_map_buckets = self.sink_map['buckets']
if len(sink_map_buckets) != 1:
return "error: expected 1 bucket in sink_map", None, None
vbuckets_num = len(sink_map_buckets[0]['vBucketServerMap']['vBucketMap'])
vbuckets = batch.group_by_vbucket_id(vbuckets_num)
# Scatter or send phase.
for vbucket_id, msgs in vbuckets.iteritems():
rv, conn = self.find_conn(mconns, vbucket_id)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
rv = self.send_msgs(conn, msgs, self.operation(),
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
# Yield to let other threads do stuff while server's processing.
retry_batch = None
need_refresh = False
# Gather or recv phase.
for vbucket_id, msgs in vbuckets.iteritems():
rv, conn = self.find_conn(mconns, vbucket_id)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
rv, retry, refresh = self.recv_msgs(conn, msgs, vbucket_id=vbucket_id)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
if retry:
retry_batch = batch
if refresh:
need_refresh = True
if need_refresh:
return 0, retry_batch, retry_batch and not need_refresh
def can_handle(opts, spec):
return (spec.startswith("http://") or
def check_source(opts, source_class, source_spec, sink_class, sink_spec):
if (source_spec.startswith("http://") or
return None
return pump.Sink.check_source(opts, source_class, source_spec,
sink_class, sink_spec)
def check(opts, spec, source_map):
rv, sink_map = pump.rest_couchbase(opts, spec)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None
rv, source_bucket_name = pump.find_source_bucket_name(opts, source_map)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None
rv, sink_bucket_name = pump.find_sink_bucket_name(opts, source_bucket_name)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None
# Adjust sink_map['buckets'] to have only our sink_bucket.
sink_buckets = [bucket for bucket in sink_map['buckets']
if bucket['name'] == sink_bucket_name]
if not sink_buckets:
return "error: missing bucket-destination: " + sink_bucket_name + \
" at destination: " + spec + \
"; perhaps your username/password is missing or incorrect", None
if len(sink_buckets) != 1:
return "error: multiple buckets with name: " + sink_bucket_name + \
" at destination: " + spec, None
sink_map['buckets'] = sink_buckets
return 0, sink_map
def refresh_sink_map(self):
"""Grab a new vbucket-server-map."""
logging.warn("refreshing sink map: %s" % (self.spec))
rv, new_sink_map = CBSink.check(self.opts, self.spec, self.source_map)
if rv == 0:
self.sink_map = new_sink_map
return rv
def consume_design(opts, sink_spec, sink_map,
source_bucket, source_map, source_design):
if not source_design:
return 0
sd = json.loads(source_design)
except ValueError, e:
return "error: could not parse source design; exception: %s" % (e)
if not sd:
return 0
if (not sink_map['buckets'] or
len(sink_map['buckets']) != 1 or
not sink_map['buckets'][0] or
not sink_map['buckets'][0]['name']):
return "error: design sink incorrect sink_map bucket"
spec_parts = pump.parse_spec(opts, sink_spec, 8091)
if not spec_parts:
return "error: design sink no spec_parts: " + sink_spec
sink_bucket = sink_map['buckets'][0]
sink_nodes = pump.filter_bucket_nodes(sink_bucket, spec_parts) or \
if not sink_nodes:
return "error: design sink nodes missing"
couch_api_base = sink_nodes[0].get('couchApiBase')
if not couch_api_base:
return "error: cannot restore bucket design" \
" on a couchbase cluster that does not support couch API;" \
" the couchbase cluster may be an older, pre-2.0 version;" \
" please check your cluster URL: " + sink_spec
host, port, user, pswd, path = \
pump.parse_spec(opts, couch_api_base, 8092)
if user is None:
user = spec_parts[2] # Default to the main REST user/pwsd.
pswd = spec_parts[3]
for row in sd:
logging.debug("design_doc row: " + str(row))
doc = row.get('doc', None)
if not doc:
return "error: missing design doc in row: %s" % (row)
if 'json' in doc and 'meta' in doc:
js = doc['json']
id = doc['meta'].get('id', None)
if not id:
return "error: missing id for design doc: %s" % (row)
# Handle design-doc from 2.0DP4.
js = doc
if '_rev' in js:
del js['_rev']
id = row.get('id', None)
if not id:
return "error: missing id for row: %s" % (row)
js_doc = json.dumps(js)
logging.debug("design_doc: " + js_doc)
logging.debug("design_doc id: " + id + " at: " + path + "/" + id)
err, conn, response = \
pump.rest_request(host, int(port), user, pswd,
path + "/" + id, method='PUT', body=js_doc,
if conn:
if err:
return ("error: could not restore design doc id: %s" +
"; response: %s; err: %s") % (id, response, err)
except Exception, e:
return ("error: design sink exception: %s" +
"; couch_api_base: %s") % (e, couch_api_base)
logging.debug("design_doc created at: " + path + "/" + id)
return 0
def find_conn(self, mconns, vbucket_id):
bucket = self.sink_map['buckets'][0]
vBucketMap = bucket['vBucketServerMap']['vBucketMap']
serverList = bucket['vBucketServerMap']['serverList']
if vbucket_id > len(vBucketMap):
return "error: map missing vbucket_id: " + str(vbucket_id) + \
"; perhaps your source does not have vbuckets" + \
"; if so, try using moxi (HOST:11211) as a destination", None
# Primary server for a vbucket_id is the 0'th entry.
host_port = serverList[vBucketMap[vbucket_id][0]]
conn = mconns.get(host_port, None)
if not conn:
host, port = host_port.split(':')
user = bucket['name']
pswd = bucket['saslPassword']
rv, conn = CBSink.connect_mc(host, port, user, pswd)
if rv != 0:
logging.error("error: CBSink.connect() for send: " + rv)
return rv, None
mconns[host_port] = conn
return 0, conn
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