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#!/usr/bin/env python
import csv
import logging
import os
import simplejson as json
import sys
import memcacheConstants
import pump
class CSVSource(pump.Source):
"""Reads csv file, where first line is field names and one field
should be 'id'."""
def __init__(self, opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur):
super(CSVSource, self).__init__(opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur)
self.done = False
self.r = None # An iterator of csv.reader()
def can_handle(opts, spec):
return spec.endswith(".csv") and os.path.isfile(spec)
def check(opts, spec):
return 0, {'spec': spec,
'buckets': [{'name': os.path.basename(spec),
'nodes': [{'hostname': 'N/A'}]}]}
def provide_design(opts, source_spec, source_bucket, source_map):
return 0, None
def provide_batch(self):
if self.done:
return 0, None
if not self.r:
self.r = csv.reader(open(self.spec, 'rU'))
self.fields =
if not 'id' in self.fields:
return ("error: no 'id' field in 1st line of csv: %s" %
(self.spec)), None
except StopIteration:
return ("error: could not read 1st line of csv: %s" %
(self.spec)), None
except IOError, e:
return ("error: could not open csv: %s; exception: %s" %
(self.spec, e)), None
batch = pump.Batch(self)
batch_max_size = self.opts.extra['batch_max_size']
batch_max_bytes = self.opts.extra['batch_max_bytes']
cmd = memcacheConstants.CMD_TAP_MUTATION
vbucket_id = 0x0000ffff
cas, exp, flg = 0, 0, 0
while (self.r and
batch.size() < batch_max_size and
batch.bytes < batch_max_bytes):
vals =
doc = {}
for i, field in enumerate(self.fields):
doc[field] = vals[i]
doc_json = json.dumps(doc)
msg = (cmd, vbucket_id, doc['id'], flg, exp, cas, '', doc_json)
batch.append(msg, len(doc))
except StopIteration:
self.done = True
self.r = None
if batch.size() <= 0:
return 0, None
return 0, batch
class CSVSink(pump.Sink):
"""Emits batches to stdout in CSV format."""
def __init__(self, opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur):
super(CSVSink, self).__init__(opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur)
self.writer = None
def can_handle(opts, spec):
if spec == "csv:":
opts.threads = 1 # Force 1 thread to not overlap stdout.
return True
return False
def check(opts, spec, source_map):
return 0, None
def consume_design(opts, sink_spec, sink_map,
source_bucket, source_map, source_design):
if source_design:
logging.warn("warning: cannot save bucket design"
" on a CSV destination")
return 0
def consume_batch_async(self, batch):
if not self.writer:
self.writer = csv.writer(sys.stdout)
self.writer.writerow(['id', 'flags', 'expiration', 'cas', 'value'])
for msg in batch.msgs:
cmd, vbucket_id, key, flg, exp, cas, meta, val = msg
if self.skip(key, vbucket_id):
if cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_TAP_MUTATION:
self.writer.writerow([key, flg, exp, cas, val])
elif cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_TAP_DELETE:
elif cmd == memcacheConstants.CMD_GET:
return "error: CSVSink - unknown cmd: " + str(cmd), None
except IOError:
return "error: could not write csv to stdout", None
future = pump.SinkBatchFuture(self, batch)
self.future_done(future, 0)
return 0, future
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