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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*-python-*-
Workload generator tool for Couchbase 2.0.
import pump_transfer
import pump
import pump_gen
import sys
import optparse
import platform
import os
class WorkloadGen(pump_transfer.Transfer):
"""Entry point for 2.0 cbworkloadgen."""
def __init__(self): = "cbworkloadgen"
self.source_alias = "generator"
self.sink_alias = "destination"
self.usage = \
"%prog [options]\n\n" \
"Generate workload to destination.\n\n" \
"Examples:\n" \
" %prog -n localhost:8091\n" \
" %prog -n -r .9 -i 100000 \\\n" \
" -s 100 -b my-other-bucket --threads=10\n\n"
def main(self, argv):
src, sink, common_opts, count_opts = self.opt_construct(argv)
local_args = [argv[0]]
for v in common_opts.itervalues():
for v in count_opts.itervalues():
if v[1] is not None:
for i in range(v[1]):
return pump_transfer.Transfer.main(self, local_args)
def opt_construct(self, argv):
gen_opts = {"ratio_sets": "ratio-sets",
"loop" : "exit-after-creates",
"max_items" : "max-items",
"size" : "min-value-size",
"prefix" : "prefix",
"json" : "json",
sink_opts = {"node" : "http://"}
common_opts = {"bucket" : ["-B", None],
"threads" : ["-t", None],
"username" : ["-u", None],
"password" : ["-p", None],
count_opts = {"verbose" : ["-v", None]}
p = optparse.OptionParser(usage=self.usage)
opts, rest = p.parse_args(argv[1:])
gen_str = "gen:"
for key in gen_opts.iterkeys():
val = getattr(opts, key, None)
if val is not None:
if key in ("loop", "json"):
val = int(val)
gen_str += gen_opts[key] + "=" + str(val) + ","
if gen_str[-1] == ",":
gen_str = gen_str[:-1]
sink_str = ""
for key in sink_opts.iterkeys():
val = getattr(opts, key, None)
if val:
sink_str += sink_opts[key] + val
for key in common_opts.iterkeys():
val = getattr(opts, key, None)
if val:
common_opts[key][1] = str(val)
for key in count_opts.iterkeys():
val = getattr(opts, key, None)
if val:
count_opts[key][1] = int(val)
return gen_str, sink_str, common_opts, count_opts
def add_parser_options(self, p):
p.add_option("-r", "--ratio-sets",
action="store", type="float", default=.95,
help="""set/get operation ratio""")
p.add_option("-n", "--node", type="string", default="",
help="node's ns_server ip:port")
p.add_option("-b", "--bucket",
action="store", type="string", default="default",
help="""insert data to a different bucket other than default """)
p.add_option("-i", "--max-items",
action="store", type="int", default=10000,
help="""number of items to be inserted""")
p.add_option("-s", "--size",
action="store", type="int", default=10,
help="""minimum value size""")
action="store", type="string", default="pymc",
help="""prefix to use for memcached keys or json ids""")
p.add_option("-j", "--json",
action="store_true", default=False,
help="""insert json data""")
p.add_option("-l", "--loop",
action="store_false", default=True,
help="""loop forever until interrupted by users""")
p.add_option("-u", "--username",
action="store", type="string", default=None,
help="REST username for cluster or server node")
p.add_option("-p", "--password",
action="store", type="string", default=None,
help="REST password for cluster or server node")
p.add_option("-t", "--threads",
action="store", type="int", default=1,
help="""number of concurrent workers""")
p.add_option("-v", "--verbose",
action="count", default=0,
help="verbose logging; more -v's provide more verbosity")
return p
def find_handlers(self, opts, source, sink):
return pump_gen.GenSource, pump.PumpingStation.find_handler(opts, sink, pump_transfer.SINKS)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if platform.system() == "Windows":
python_lib = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0]), '..')
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