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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import base64
import copy
import httplib
import logging
import re
import simplejson as json
import string
import sys
import threading
import time
import urlparse
import zlib
import platform
import subprocess
import couchbaseConstants
from cbcollections import defaultdict
from cbqueue import PumpQueue
# TODO: (1) optionally log into backup directory
LOGGING_FORMAT = '%(asctime)s: %(threadName)s %(message)s'
NA = 'N/A'
class ProgressReporter(object):
"""Mixin to report progress"""
def report_init(self):
self.beg_time = time.time()
self.prev_time = self.beg_time
self.prev = defaultdict(int)
def report(self, prefix="", emit=None):
if not emit:
emit =
if getattr(self, "source", None):
emit(prefix + "source : %s" % (self.source))
if getattr(self, "sink", None):
emit(prefix + "sink : %s" % (self.sink))
cur_time = time.time()
delta = cur_time - self.prev_time
c, p = self.cur, self.prev
x = sorted([k for k in c.iterkeys() if "_sink_" in k])
width_k = max([5] + [len(k.replace("tot_sink_", "")) for k in x])
width_v = max([20] + [len(str(c[k])) for k in x])
width_d = max([10] + [len(str(c[k] - p[k])) for k in x])
width_s = max([10] + [len("%0.1f" % ((c[k] - p[k]) / delta)) for k in x])
emit(prefix + " %s : %s | %s | %s"
% (string.ljust("", width_k),
string.rjust("total", width_v),
string.rjust("last", width_d),
string.rjust("per sec", width_s)))
for k in x:
emit(prefix + " %s : %s | %s | %s"
% (string.ljust(k.replace("tot_sink_", ""), width_k),
string.rjust(str(c[k]), width_v),
string.rjust(str(c[k] - p[k]), width_d),
string.rjust("%0.1f" % ((c[k] - p[k]) / delta), width_s)))
self.prev_time = cur_time
self.prev = copy.copy(c)
def bar(self, current, total):
if not total:
return '.'
if sys.platform.lower().startswith('win'):
cr = "\r"
cr = chr(27) + "[A\n"
pct = float(current) / total
max_hash = 20
num_hash = int(round(pct * max_hash))
return (" [%s%s] %0.1f%% (%s/%s msgs)%s" %
('#' * num_hash, ' ' * (max_hash - num_hash),
100.0 * pct, current, total, cr))
class PumpingStation(ProgressReporter):
"""Queues and watchdogs multiple pumps across concurrent workers."""
def __init__(self, opts, source_class, source_spec, sink_class, sink_spec):
self.opts = opts
self.source_class = source_class
self.source_spec = source_spec
self.sink_class = sink_class
self.sink_spec = sink_spec
self.queue = None
self.ctl = { 'stop': False, 'rv': 0 }
self.cur = defaultdict(int)
def run(self):
# TODO: (6) PumpingStation - monitor source for topology changes.
# TODO: (4) PumpingStation - retry on err N times, M times / server.
# TODO: (2) PumpingStation - track checksum in backup, for later restore.
rv, source_map, sink_map = self.check_endpoints()
if rv != 0:
return rv
if self.opts.dry_run:
sys.stderr.write("done, but no data written due to dry-run\n")
return 0
source_buckets = self.filter_source_buckets(source_map)
if not source_buckets:
bucket_source = getattr(self.opts, "bucket_source", None)
if bucket_source:
return ("error: there is no bucket: %s at source: %s" %
(bucket_source, self.source_spec))
return ("error: no transferrable buckets at source: %s" %
for source_bucket in sorted(source_buckets,
key=lambda b: b['name']):"bucket: " + source_bucket['name'])
if not self.opts.extra.get("design_doc_only", 0):
rv = self.transfer_bucket_msgs(source_bucket, source_map, sink_map)
if rv != 0:
return rv
sys.stderr.write("transfer design doc only. bucket msgs will be skipped.\n")
if not self.opts.extra.get("data_only", 0):
rv = self.transfer_bucket_design(source_bucket, source_map, sink_map)
if rv != 0:
return rv
sys.stderr.write("transfer data only. bucket design docs will be skipped.\n")
# TODO: (5) PumpingStation - validate bucket transfers.
# TODO: (4) PumpingStation - validate source/sink maps were stable.
return 0
def check_endpoints(self):
logging.debug("source_class: %s", self.source_class)
rv = self.source_class.check_base(self.opts, self.source_spec)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
rv, source_map = self.source_class.check(self.opts, self.source_spec)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
logging.debug("sink_class: %s", self.sink_class)
rv = self.sink_class.check_base(self.opts, self.sink_spec)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
rv, sink_map = self.sink_class.check(self.opts, self.sink_spec, source_map)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None, None
return rv, source_map, sink_map
def filter_source_buckets(self, source_map):
"""Filter the source_buckets if a bucket_source was specified."""
source_buckets = source_map['buckets']
logging.debug("source_buckets: " +
",".join([n['name'] for n in source_buckets]))
bucket_source = getattr(self.opts, "bucket_source", None)
if bucket_source:
logging.debug("bucket_source: " + bucket_source)
source_buckets = [b for b in source_buckets
if b['name'] == bucket_source]
logging.debug("source_buckets filtered: " +
",".join([n['name'] for n in source_buckets]))
return source_buckets
def filter_source_nodes(self, source_bucket, source_map):
"""Filter the source_bucket's nodes if single_node was specified."""
if getattr(self.opts, "single_node", None):
if not source_map.get('spec_parts'):
return ("error: no single_node from source: %s" +
"; the source may not support the --single-node flag") % \
source_nodes = filter_bucket_nodes(source_bucket,
source_nodes = source_bucket['nodes']
logging.debug(" source_nodes: " + ",".join([n.get('hostname', NA)
for n in source_nodes]))
return source_nodes
def transfer_bucket_msgs(self, source_bucket, source_map, sink_map):
source_nodes = self.filter_source_nodes(source_bucket, source_map)
# Transfer bucket msgs with a Pump per source server.
self.ctl['run_msg'] = 0
self.ctl['tot_msg'] = 0
for source_node in sorted(source_nodes,
key=lambda n: n.get('hostname', NA)):
logging.debug(" enqueueing node: " +
source_node.get('hostname', NA))
self.queue.put((source_bucket, source_node, source_map, sink_map))
rv, tot = self.source_class.total_msgs(self.opts,
if rv != 0:
return rv
if tot:
self.ctl['tot_msg'] += tot
# Don't use queue.join() as it eats Ctrl-C's.
s = 0.05
while self.queue.unfinished_tasks:
s = min(1.0, s + 0.01)
rv = self.ctl['rv']
if rv != 0:
return rv
time.sleep(0.01) # Allows threads to update counters.
self.ctl['tot_msg']) + "\n")
sys.stderr.write("bucket: " + source_bucket['name'] +
", msgs transferred...\n")
def emit(msg):
sys.stderr.write(msg + "\n")
return 0
def transfer_bucket_design(self, source_bucket, source_map, sink_map):
"""Transfer bucket design (e.g., design docs, views)."""
rv, source_design = \
self.source_class.provide_design(self.opts, self.source_spec,
source_bucket, source_map)
if rv == 0:
rv = self.sink_class.consume_design(self.opts,
self.sink_spec, sink_map,
source_bucket, source_map,
return rv
def run_worker(self, thread_index):
while not self.ctl['stop']:
source_bucket, source_node, source_map, sink_map = \
hostname = source_node.get('hostname', NA)
logging.debug(" node: %s" % (hostname))
curx = defaultdict(int)
rv = Pump(self.opts,
self.source_class(self.opts, self.source_spec,
source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, self.ctl, curx),
self.sink_class(self.opts, self.sink_spec,
source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, self.ctl, curx),
source_map, sink_map, self.ctl, curx).run()
for k, v in curx.items():
self.cur[k] = self.cur.get(k, 0) + v
logging.debug(" node: %s, done; rv: %s" % (hostname, rv))
if self.ctl['rv'] == 0 and rv != 0:
self.ctl['rv'] = rv
def start_workers(self, queue_size):
if self.queue:
self.queue = PumpQueue(queue_size)
threads = [threading.Thread(target=PumpingStation.run_worker,
name="w" + str(i), args=(self, i))
for i in range(self.opts.threads)]
for thread in threads:
thread.daemon = True
def find_handler(opts, x, classes):
for s in classes:
if s.can_handle(opts, x):
return s
return None
class Pump(ProgressReporter):
"""Moves batches of data from one Source to one Sink."""
def __init__(self, opts, source, sink, source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur):
self.opts = opts
self.source = source
self.sink = sink
self.source_map = source_map
self.sink_map = sink_map
self.ctl = ctl
self.cur = cur # Should be a defaultdict(int); 0 as default value.
def run(self):
future = None
# TODO: (2) Pump - timeouts when providing/consuming/waiting.
report = int(self.opts.extra.get("report", 5))
report_full = int(self.opts.extra.get("report_full", 2000))
n = 0
while not self.ctl['stop']:
rv_batch, batch = self.source.provide_batch()
if rv_batch != 0:
return self.done(rv_batch)
if future:
rv = future.wait_until_consumed()
if rv != 0:
# TODO: (5) Pump - retry logic on consume error.
return self.done(rv)
self.cur['tot_sink_batch'] += 1
self.cur['tot_sink_msg'] += future.batch.size()
self.cur['tot_sink_byte'] += future.batch.bytes
self.ctl['run_msg'] += future.batch.size()
if not batch:
return self.done(0)
self.cur['tot_source_batch'] += 1
self.cur['tot_source_msg'] += batch.size()
self.cur['tot_source_byte'] += batch.bytes
rv_future, future = self.sink.consume_batch_async(batch)
if rv_future != 0:
return self.done(rv_future)
n = n + 1
if report_full > 0 and n % report_full == 0:
if self.opts.verbose > 0:
sys.stderr.write("\n")" progress...")" ")
elif report > 0 and n % report == 0:
return self.done(0)
def done(self, rv):
logging.debug(" pump (%s->%s) done.", self.source, self.sink)" ")
if (rv == 0 and
(self.cur['tot_source_batch'] != self.cur['tot_sink_batch'] or
self.cur['tot_source_batch'] != self.cur['tot_sink_batch'] or
self.cur['tot_source_batch'] != self.cur['tot_sink_batch'])):
return "error: sink missing some source msgs: " + str(self.cur)
return rv
# --------------------------------------------------
class EndPoint(object):
def __init__(self, opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur):
self.opts = opts
self.spec = spec
self.source_bucket = source_bucket
self.source_node = source_node
self.source_map = source_map
self.sink_map = sink_map
self.ctl = ctl
self.cur = cur
self.only_key_re = None
k = getattr(opts, "key", None)
if k:
self.only_key_re = re.compile(k)
self.only_vbucket_id = getattr(opts, "id", None)
def check_base(opts, spec):
k = getattr(opts, "key", None)
if k:
return "error: could not parse key regexp: " + k
return 0
def __repr__(self):
return "%s(%s@%s)" % \
self.source_bucket.get('name', ''),
self.source_node.get('hostname', ''))
def close(self):
def skip(self, key, vbucket_id):
if (self.only_key_re and not, key)):
logging.warn("skipping msg with key: " + str(key))
return True
if (self.only_vbucket_id is not None and
self.only_vbucket_id != vbucket_id):
logging.warn("skipping msg of vbucket_id: " + str(vbucket_id))
return True
return False
def add_counter(self, key, val=1):
self.cur[key] = self.cur.get(key, 0.0) + val
class Source(EndPoint):
"""Base class for all data sources."""
def can_handle(opts, spec):
assert False, "unimplemented"
def check_base(opts, spec):
rv = EndPoint.check_base(opts, spec)
if rv != 0:
return rv
if getattr(opts, "source_vbucket_state", "active") != "active":
return ("error: only --source-vbucket-state=active" +
" is supported by this source: %s") % (spec)
return 0
def check(opts, spec):
"""Subclasses can check preconditions before any pumping starts."""
assert False, "unimplemented"
def provide_design(opts, source_spec, source_bucket, source_map):
assert False, "unimplemented"
def provide_batch(self):
assert False, "unimplemented"
def total_msgs(opts, source_bucket, source_node, source_map):
return 0, None # Subclasses can return estimate # msgs.
class Sink(EndPoint):
"""Base class for all data sinks."""
# TODO: (2) Sink handles filtered restore by data.
def __init__(self, opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur):
super(Sink, self).__init__(opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur)
self.op = None
def can_handle(opts, spec):
assert False, "unimplemented"
def check_base(opts, spec):
rv = EndPoint.check_base(opts, spec)
if rv != 0:
return rv
if getattr(opts, "destination_vbucket_state", "active") != "active":
return ("error: only --destination-vbucket-state=active" +
" is supported by this destination: %s") % (spec)
if getattr(opts, "destination_operation", None) != None:
return ("error: --destination-operation" +
" is not supported by this destination: %s") % (spec)
return 0
def check(opts, spec, source_map):
"""Subclasses can check preconditions before any pumping starts."""
assert False, "unimplemented"
def consume_design(opts, sink_spec, sink_map,
source_bucket, source_map, source_design):
assert False, "unimplemented"
def consume_batch_async(self, batch):
"""Subclasses should return a SinkBatchFuture."""
assert False, "unimplemented"
def check_source(opts, source_class, source_spec, sink_class, sink_spec):
if source_spec == sink_spec:
return "error: source and sink must be different;" \
" source: " + source_spec + \
" sink: " + sink_spec
return None
def operation(self):
if not self.op:
self.op = getattr(self.opts, "destination_operation", None)
if not self.op:
self.op = "set"
if getattr(self.opts, "add", False):
self.op = "add"
return self.op
def init_worker(self, target):
self.worker_go = threading.Event()
self.worker_work = None # May be None or (batch, future) tuple.
self.worker = threading.Thread(target=target, args=(self,),
name="s" + threading.currentThread().getName()[1:])
self.worker.daemon = True
def push_next_batch(self, batch, future):
"""Push batch/future to worker."""
if not self.worker.isAlive():
return "error: cannot use a dead worker", None
self.worker_work = (batch, future)
return 0, future
def pull_next_batch(self):
"""Worker calls this method to get the next batch/future."""
batch, future = self.worker_work
self.worker_work = None
return batch, future
def future_done(self, future, rv):
"""Worker calls this method to finish a batch/future."""
if rv != 0:
logging.error("error: async operation: %s on sink: %s" %
(rv, self))
if future:
future.done_rv = rv
# --------------------------------------------------
class Batch(object):
"""Holds a batch of data being transfered from source to sink."""
def __init__(self, source):
self.source = source
self.msgs = []
self.bytes = 0
def append(self, msg, num_bytes):
self.bytes = self.bytes + num_bytes
def size(self):
return len(self.msgs)
def msg(self, i):
return self.msgs[i]
def group_by_vbucket_id(self, vbuckets_num, rehash=0):
"""Returns dict of vbucket_id->[msgs] grouped by msg's vbucket_id."""
g = defaultdict(list)
for msg in self.msgs:
cmd, vbucket_id, key, flg, exp, cas, meta, val = msg
if vbucket_id == 0x0000ffff or rehash == 1:
# Special case when the source did not supply a vbucket_id
# (such as stdin source), so we calculate it.
vbucket_id = (zlib.crc32(key) >> 16) & (vbuckets_num - 1)
msg = (cmd, vbucket_id, key, flg, exp, cas, meta, val)
return g
class SinkBatchFuture(object):
"""Future completion of a sink consuming a batch."""
def __init__(self, sink, batch):
self.sink = sink
self.batch = batch
self.done = threading.Event()
self.done_rv = None
def wait_until_consumed(self):
return self.done_rv
# --------------------------------------------------
class StdInSource(Source):
"""Reads batches from stdin in memcached ascii protocol."""
def __init__(self, opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur):
super(StdInSource, self).__init__(opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur)
self.f = sys.stdin
def can_handle(opts, spec):
return spec.startswith("stdin:") or spec == "-"
def check(opts, spec):
return 0, {'spec': spec,
'buckets': [{'name': 'stdin:',
'nodes': [{'hostname': 'N/A'}]}] }
def provide_design(opts, source_spec, source_bucket, source_map):
return 0, None
def provide_batch(self):
batch = Batch(self)
batch_max_size = self.opts.extra['batch_max_size']
batch_max_bytes = self.opts.extra['batch_max_bytes']
vbucket_id = 0x0000ffff
while (self.f and
batch.size() < batch_max_size and
batch.bytes < batch_max_bytes):
line = self.f.readline()
if not line:
self.f = None
return 0, batch
parts = line.split(' ')
if not parts:
return "error: read empty line", None
elif parts[0] == 'set' or parts[0] == 'add':
if len(parts) != 5:
return "error: length of set/add line: " + line, None
cmd = couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_MUTATION
key = parts[1]
flg = int(parts[2])
exp = int(parts[3])
num = int(parts[4])
if num > 0:
val =
if len(val) != num:
return "error: value read failed at: " + line, None
val = ''
end = # Read '\r\n'.
if len(end) != 2:
return "error: value end read failed at: " + line, None
if not self.skip(key, vbucket_id):
msg = (cmd, vbucket_id, key, flg, exp, 0, '', val)
batch.append(msg, len(val))
elif parts[0] == 'delete':
if len(parts) != 2:
return "error: length of delete line: " + line, None
cmd = couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_DELETE
key = parts[1]
if not self.skip(key, vbucket_id):
msg = (cmd, vbucket_id, key, 0, 0, 0, '', '')
batch.append(msg, 0)
return "error: expected set/add/delete but got: " + line, None
if batch.size() <= 0:
return 0, None
return 0, batch
class StdOutSink(Sink):
"""Emits batches to stdout in memcached ascii protocol."""
def can_handle(opts, spec):
if spec.startswith("stdout:") or spec == "-":
opts.threads = 1 # Force 1 thread to not overlap stdout.
return True
return False
def check(opts, spec, source_map):
return 0, None
def check_base(opts, spec):
if getattr(opts, "destination_vbucket_state", "active") != "active":
return ("error: only --destination-vbucket-state=active" +
" is supported by this destination: %s") % (spec)
op = getattr(opts, "destination_operation", None)
if not op in [None, 'set', 'add', 'get']:
return ("error: --destination-operation unsupported value: %s" +
"; use set, add, get") % (op)
# Skip immediate superclass Sink.check_base(),
# since StdOutSink can handle different destination operations.
return EndPoint.check_base(opts, spec)
def consume_design(opts, sink_spec, sink_map,
source_bucket, source_map, source_design):
if source_design:
logging.warn("warning: cannot save bucket design"
" on a stdout destination")
return 0
def consume_batch_async(self, batch):
op = self.operation()
op_mutate = op in ['set', 'add']
stdout = sys.stdout
msg_visitor = None
opts_etc = getattr(self.opts, "etc", None)
if opts_etc:
stdout = opts_etc.get("stdout", sys.stdout)
msg_visitor = opts_etc.get("msg_visitor", None)
for msg in batch.msgs:
if msg_visitor:
msg = msg_visitor(msg)
cmd, vbucket_id, key, flg, exp, cas, meta, val = msg
if self.skip(key, vbucket_id):
if cmd == couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_MUTATION:
if op_mutate:
# <op> <key> <flags> <exptime> <bytes> [noreply]\r\n
stdout.write("%s %s %s %s %s\r\n" %
(op, key, flg, exp, len(val)))
elif op == 'get':
stdout.write("get %s\r\n" % (key))
elif cmd == couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_DELETE:
if op_mutate:
stdout.write("delete %s\r\n" % (key))
elif cmd == couchbaseConstants.CMD_GET:
stdout.write("get %s\r\n" % (key))
return "error: StdOutSink - unknown cmd: " + str(cmd), None
except IOError:
return "error: could not write to stdout", None
future = SinkBatchFuture(self, batch)
self.future_done(future, 0)
return 0, future
# --------------------------------------------------
couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_CONNECT: "TAP_CONNECT",
couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_MUTATION: "TAP_MUTATION",
couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_DELETE: "TAP_DELETE",
couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_FLUSH: "TAP_FLUSH",
couchbaseConstants.CMD_TAP_OPAQUE: "TAP_OPAQUE",
couchbaseConstants.CMD_NOOP: "NOOP"
def parse_spec(opts, spec, port):
"""Parse host, port, username, password, path from opts and spec."""
# Example spec: http://Administrator:password@HOST:8091
p = urlparse.urlparse(spec)
# Example netloc: Administrator:password@HOST:8091
#ParseResult tuple(scheme, netloc, path, params, query, fragment)
netloc = p[1]
if not netloc: # When urlparse() can't parse non-http URI's.
netloc = spec.split('://')[-1].split('/')[0]
pair = netloc.split('@') # [ "user:pwsd", "host:port" ].
host = (pair[-1] + ":" + str(port)).split(':')[0]
port = (pair[-1] + ":" + str(port)).split(':')[1]
username = opts.username
password = opts.password
if len(pair) > 1:
username = username or (pair[0] + ':').split(':')[0] \
or os.environ['CB_REST_USERNAME'] or ''
password = password or (pair[0] + ':').split(':')[1] \
or os.environ['CB_REST_PASSWORD'] or ''
return host, port, username, password, p[2]
def rest_request(host, port, user, pswd, path, method='GET', body='', reason=''):
if reason:
reason = "; reason: %s" % (reason)
logging.debug("rest_request: %s@%s:%s%s%s" % (user, host, port, path, reason))
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(host, port)
conn.request(method, path, body, rest_headers(user, pswd))
except Exception, e:
return ("error: could not access REST API: %s:%s%s" +
"; please check source URL, username (-u) and password (-p)" +
"; exception: %s%s") % \
(host, port, path, e, reason), None, None
resp = conn.getresponse()
if resp.status in [200, 201, 202, 204, 302]:
return None, conn,
if resp.status == 401:
return ("error: unable to access REST API: %s:%s%s" +
"; please check source URL, username (-u) and password (-p)%s") % \
(host, port, path, reason), None, None
return ("error: unable to access REST API: %s:%s%s" +
"; please check source URL, username (-u) and password (-p)" +
"; response: %s%s") % \
(host, port, path, resp.status, reason), None, None
def rest_headers(user, pswd, headers=None):
if not headers:
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json'}
if user:
auth = 'Basic ' + \
string.strip(base64.encodestring(user + ':' + (pswd or '')))
headers['Authorization'] = auth
return headers
def rest_request_json(host, port, user, pswd, path, reason=''):
err, conn, rest_json = rest_request(host, port, user, pswd, path,
if err:
return err, None, None
if conn:
return None, rest_json, json.loads(rest_json)
except ValueError, e:
return ("error: could not decode JSON from REST API: %s:%s%s" +
"; exception: %s" +
"; please check URL, username (-u) and password (-p)") % \
(host, port, path, e), None, None
def rest_couchbase(opts, spec):
spec = spec.replace('couchbase://', 'http://')
spec_parts = parse_spec(opts, spec, 8091)
host, port, user, pswd, path = spec_parts
if not path or path == '/':
path = '/pools/default/buckets'
err, rest_json, rest_data = \
rest_request_json(host, int(port), user, pswd, path)
if err:
return err, None
if type(rest_data) == type([]):
rest_buckets = rest_data
rest_buckets = [ rest_data ] # Wrap single bucket in a list.
buckets = []
for bucket in rest_buckets:
if not (bucket and
bucket.get('name', None) and
bucket.get('bucketType', None) and
bucket.get('nodes', None) and
bucket.get('nodeLocator', None)):
return "error: unexpected JSON value from: " + spec + \
" - did you provide the right source URL?", None
if bucket['nodeLocator'] == 'vbucket' and \
(bucket['bucketType'] == 'membase' or
bucket['bucketType'] == 'couchbase'):
logging.warn("skipping bucket that is not a couchbase-bucket: " +
if user is None or pswd is None:
# Check if we have buckets other than the default one
if len(rest_buckets) > 0:
if len(rest_buckets) > 1 or rest_buckets[0].get('name', None) != "default":
return "error: REST username (-u) and password (-p) are required " + \
"to access all bucket(s)", None
return 0, {'spec': spec, 'buckets': buckets, 'spec_parts': spec_parts}
def filter_bucket_nodes(bucket, spec_parts):
host, port = spec_parts[:2]
if host in ['localhost', '']:
host = get_ip()
host_port = host + ':' + str(port)
return filter(lambda n: n.get('hostname') == host_port,
def get_ip():
ip = None
f = open('/opt/couchbase/var/lib/couchbase/ip', 'r')
ip = string.strip(
if ip and ip.find('@'):
ip = ip.split('@')[1]
if not ip or not len(ip):
if platform.system() == 'Windows':
ip = subprocess.Popen("ip_addr.bat",
ip = ''
return ip
def find_source_bucket_name(opts, source_map):
"""If the caller didn't specify a bucket_source and
there's only one bucket in the source_map, use that."""
source_bucket = getattr(opts, "bucket_source", None)
if (not source_bucket and
source_map and
source_map['buckets'] and
len(source_map['buckets']) == 1):
source_bucket = source_map['buckets'][0]['name']
if not source_bucket:
return "error: please specify a bucket_source", None
logging.debug("source_bucket: " + source_bucket)
return 0, source_bucket
def find_sink_bucket_name(opts, source_bucket):
"""Default bucket_destination to the same as bucket_source."""
sink_bucket = getattr(opts, "bucket_destination", None) or source_bucket
if not sink_bucket:
return "error: please specify a bucket_destination", None
logging.debug("sink_bucket: " + sink_bucket)
return 0, sink_bucket
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