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CBD-583: Show default values when printing help text

Change-Id: Id736c958a3779ef72900738fafe286ddc961853b
Reviewed-by: Steve Yen <>
Tested-by: Bin Cui <>
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1 parent 7186146 commit 7253381615408816dde9d291415c64b14b7bd47f @bcui6611 bcui6611 committed with Peter Wansch Sep 26, 2012
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  1. +18 −9 cbworkloadgen
@@ -85,27 +85,35 @@ class WorkloadGen(pump_transfer.Transfer):
def add_parser_options(self, p):
p.add_option("-r", "--ratio-sets",
action="store", type="float", default=.95,
+ metavar=".95",
help="""set/get operation ratio""")
p.add_option("-n", "--node", type="string", default="",
- help="node's ns_server ip:port")
+ metavar="",
+ help="node's ns_server ip:port")
p.add_option("-b", "--bucket",
action="store", type="string", default="default",
+ metavar="default",
help="""insert data to a different bucket other than default """)
p.add_option("-i", "--max-items",
- action="store", type="int", default=10000,
- help="""number of items to be inserted""")
+ action="store", type="int", default=10000,
+ metavar="10000",
+ help="""number of items to be inserted""")
p.add_option("-s", "--size",
- action="store", type="int", default=10,
- help="""minimum value size""")
+ action="store", type="int", default=10,
+ metavar="10",
+ help="""minimum value size""")
p.add_option("-P", "--prefix",
- action="store", type="string", default="",
- help="""prefix to use for memcached keys or json ids""")
+ action="store", type="string", default="pymc",
+ metavar="pymc",
+ help="""prefix to use for memcached keys or json ids""")
p.add_option("-j", "--json",
action="store", type="int", default=0,
+ metavar="0",
help="""insert json data""")
p.add_option("-e", "--exit-after-creates",
- action="store", type="int", default=1,
- help="""exit after creating items""")
+ action="store", type="int", default=1,
+ metavar="1",
+ help="""exit after creating items""")
p.add_option("-u", "--username",
action="store", type="string", default=None,
help="REST username for cluster or server node")
@@ -114,6 +122,7 @@ class WorkloadGen(pump_transfer.Transfer):
help="REST password for cluster or server node")
p.add_option("-t", "--threads",
action="store", type="int", default=4,
+ metavar="4",
help="""number of concurrent workers""")
p.add_option("-v", "--verbose",
action="count", default=0,

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