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Release of 0.8.3
This release includes bugfixes for formatting of size_t output and
stops shadowing a global from time.h.  It also removes an assertion
check causing a warning with some toolchains.


Release of 0.8.2
This release includes some bugfixes for reporting
errors from the population phase, and some other fixes
regarding building with c99 on Linux and performance.


Version 0.8.1
The changes here are in being more verbose about which operations have
failed and why they have failed.  This allows for more testing where
SERVER_ERROR may be expected.


Version 0.8.0
The new feature in 0.8 is support for a key
prefix.  This allows one to run multiple instances
of memcachetest with different sizes.


Release of memcachetest 0.7.0
This release adds support for a backoff per membase, and output
of 99th percentile latency stats.


Fixes for ascii populate and handling 0 length messages. Portability.


Stats gathered per thread. Improvements in useability.


Better error handling, rudimentary vbucket support.
This release has better error handling in a number of ways,
stats code ripped out (to be replaced soon) and has
very, very, very rudimentary vbucket support.

It is also using pandorabuild but is also disabling
the stop on error because there are thousands of minor
bugs to be cleaned up.

Okay, thousands may be a bit many.


Version 0.5.
Why 0.5?  Because it's more mature than 0.1, but it's hardly ready
for much of anything.
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