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# -*- python -*-
import os
import sys
import time
class Task(object):
privileged = False
num_samples = 0
interval = 0
def __init__(self, description, command, **kwargs):
self.description = description
self.command = command
def execute(self, fp):
"""Run the task"""
import subprocess
p = subprocess.Popen(self.command, bufsize=-1, stdout=fp, stderr=fp,
return p.wait()
def will_run(self):
"""Determine if this task will run on this platform."""
return sys.platform in self.platforms
class TaskRunner(object):
default_name = "membase.log"
def __init__(self, verbosity=0):
self.files = {}
self.tasks = {}
self.verbosity = verbosity
def get_file(self, filename):
if filename in self.files:
fp = self.files[filename]
import tempfile
fp = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(mode='w+')
self.files[filename] = fp
return fp
def header(self, fp, title, subtitle):
separator = '=' * 78
print >> fp, separator
print >> fp, title
print >> fp, subtitle
print >> fp, separator
def log_result(self, result):
if result == 0:
print >> sys.stderr, "OK"
print >> sys.stderr, "Exit code %d" % result
def run(self, task):
"""Run a task with a file descriptor corresponding to its log file"""
if task.will_run():
print >> sys.stderr, "%s (%s) - " % (task.description, task.command),
if task.privileged and os.getuid() != 0:
print >> sys.stderr, "skipped (needs root privs)"
if hasattr(task, 'log_file'):
filename = task.log_file
filename = self.default_name
fp = self.get_file(filename)
self.header(fp, task.description, task.command)
result = task.execute(fp)
for i in xrange(2, task.num_samples + 2):
print >> sys.stderr, "Taking sample %d after %f seconds - " % \
(i, task.interval)
result = task.execute(fp)
elif self.verbosity >= 2:
print >> sys.stderr, 'Skipping "%s" (%s): not for platform %s' \
% (task.description, task.command, sys.platform)
def zip(self, filename):
"""Write all our logs to a zipfile"""
from zipfile import ZipFile, ZIP_DEFLATED
zf = ZipFile(filename, mode='w', compression=ZIP_DEFLATED)
for name, fp in self.files.iteritems():
zf.write(, name)
class SolarisTask(Task):
platforms = ['sunos5', 'solaris']
class LinuxTask(Task):
platforms = ['linux2']
class WindowsTask(Task):
platforms = ['win32', 'cygwin']
class MacOSXTask(Task):
platforms = ['darwin']
class UnixTask(SolarisTask, LinuxTask, MacOSXTask):
platforms = SolarisTask.platforms + LinuxTask.platforms + MacOSXTask.platforms
class AllOsTask(UnixTask, WindowsTask):
platforms = UnixTask.platforms + WindowsTask.platforms
_tasks = [
UnixTask("uname", "uname -a"),
WindowsTask("System information", "systeminfo"),
WindowsTask("Computer system", "wmic computersystem"),
WindowsTask("Computer OS", "wmic os"),
UnixTask("Directory structure",
"ls -lR /opt/membase /var/opt/membase /etc/opt/membase"),
SolarisTask("Process list snapshot", "prstat -a -c -n 100 -t -v -L 1 10"),
SolarisTask("Process list", "ps -ef"),
SolarisTask("Service configuration", "svcs -a"),
SolarisTask("Swap configuration", "swap -l"),
SolarisTask("Disk activity", "zpool iostat 1 10"),
SolarisTask("Disk activity", "iostat -E 1 10"),
LinuxTask("Process list snapshot", "top -H -n 1"),
LinuxTask("Process list ", "ps -AwwL -o user,pid,lwp,ppid,nlwp,pcpu,pri,nice,vsize,rss,tty,stat,wchan:12,start,bsdtime,command"),
LinuxTask("Swap configuration", "free -t"),
LinuxTask("Swap configuration", "swapon -s"),
LinuxTask("Kernel modules", "lsmod"),
LinuxTask("Installed software", "rpm -qa"),
MacOSXTask("Process list snapshot", "top -l 1"),
MacOSXTask("Disk activity", "iostat 1 10"),
MacOSXTask("Process list ",
"ps -Aww -o user,pid,lwp,ppid,nlwp,pcpu,pri,nice,vsize,rss,tty,"
WindowsTask("Service list", "wmic service where state=\"running\" GET caption, name, state"),
WindowsTask("Process list", "wmic process"),
WindowsTask("Swap settings", "wmic pagefile"),
WindowsTask("Disk partition", "wmic partition"),
WindowsTask("Disk volumes", "wmic volume"),
UnixTask("Network configuration", "ifconfig -a", interval=10,
WindowsTask("Network configuration", "ipconfig /all", interval=10,
UnixTask("Network status", "netstat -an"),
WindowsTask("Network status", "netstat -an"),
AllOsTask("Network routing table", "netstat -rn"),
UnixTask("Arp cache", "arp -na"),
WindowsTask("Arp cache", "arp -a"),
WindowsTask("Network Interface Controller", "wmic nic"),
WindowsTask("Network Adapter", "wmic nicconfig"),
WindowsTask("Active network connection", "wmic netuse"),
WindowsTask("Protocols", "wmic netprotocol"),
WindowsTask("Cache memory", "wmic memcache"),
WindowsTask("Physical memory", "wmic memphysical"),
WindowsTask("Physical memory chip info", "wmic memorychip"),
WindowsTask("Local storage devices", "wmic logicaldisk"),
WindowsTask("Physical memory", "wmic memphysical"),
UnixTask("Filesystem", "df -ha"),
UnixTask("System activity reporter", "sar 1 10"),
UnixTask("System paging activity", "vmstat 1 10"),
UnixTask("System uptime", "uptime"),
UnixTask("membase user definition", "getent passwd membase"),
UnixTask("membase user limits", "su membase -c \"ulimit -a\"",
UnixTask("Interrupt status", "intrstat 1 10"),
UnixTask("Processor status", "mpstat 1 10"),
UnixTask("System log", "/var/adm/messages"),
UnixTask("Kernel log buffer", "dmesg"),
AllOsTask("memcached stats all",
"stats -a localhost:11210 all _admin _admin",
AllOsTask("memcached stats dispatcher",
"stats -a localhost:11210 dispatcher _admin _admin",
AllOsTask("memcached stats hash",
"stats -a localhost:11210 hash _admin _admin",
AllOsTask("memcached stats tap",
"stats -a localhost:11210 tap _admin _admin",
AllOsTask("memcached stats timings",
"stats -a localhost:11210 timings _admin _admin",
AllOsTask("membase logs", "browse_logs", log_file="ns_server.log"),
def main():
from optparse import OptionParser
parser = OptionParser("usage: %prog [options] output_file")
parser.add_option("-v", dest="verbosity", help="increase verbosity level",
action="count", default=0)
options, args = parser.parse_args()
if len(args) != 1:
parser.error("incorrect number of arguments")
mydir = os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0])
management_dir = os.path.join(mydir, '..', 'ep_engine', 'management')
if == 'posix':
path = [mydir,
os.environ['PATH'] = ':'.join(path)
elif == 'nt':
path = [mydir, management_dir, os.environ['PATH']]
os.environ['PATH'] = ';'.join(path)
runner = TaskRunner(verbosity=options.verbosity)
for task in _tasks:[0])
if __name__ == '__main__':
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