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This file documents user-visible changes in Couchbase clustering & UI.
Between versions 1.8.0 and 1.8.1
* ruby is not required anymore to build ns_server (and afaik rest of
couchbase server)
* bucket deletion now waits for all nodes to complete deletion of
bucket. But note there's timeout and it's set to 30 seconds.
* delete bucket request now correctly returns error during rebalance
instead of crashing
* create bucket request now returns 503 instead of 400 during
* bucket deletion errors are now correctly displayed on UI
* we're now using our own great logging library: ale. Formatting of
log messages is greatly improved. With different log categories and
separate log files for error and info (and above) levels. So that
high-level and important messages are preserved longer without
compromising detailedness of debug logs. A lot of improvements to
quality of logged messages were made. Another user-visible change is
much faster grabbing of logs.
* couchbase_server script now implements reliable
shutdown. I.e. couchbase_server -k will gracefully shutdown server
persisting all pending mutations before exiting. Actual service stop
invocation is synchronous.
* during rebalance vbucket map is now updated after each vbucket
move. Providing better guide for (perhaps not so) smart clients.
* new-style mb_master transition grace period is now over. 1.8.1 can
coexist (and support online upgrade from) membase 1.7.2 and
above. Versions before that are not supported because they don't
support new-style master election.
* (MB-4554) stats gathering is now using wall clock time instead of
erlang's now function. erlang:now is based on wall clock time, but
by definition cannot jump backwards. So certain ntp time adjustments
caused issues for stats gathering previously.
* scary looking retry_not_ready_vbuckets log message was
fixed. ebucketmigrator process can sometimes restart itself when
some of it's source vbucket were not ready when replication was
started. That restart was looking like crash. Now it's fixed.
* vbucket map generation code now generates maps with optimal "moves"
from current map in the following important cases. When adding back
previously failed over node (assuming every other node is same and
healthy) and when performing "swap rebalance". Swap rebalance is
when you simultaneously add and remove N nodes. Where N can be any
natural number (up to current cluster size of course). Rebalance is
now significantly faster when this conditions apply.
* (MB-4476) couchbase server now support node cloning better. You can
use clone snapshot of empty node and join those VMs into single
* couchbase server is not more robust when somebody tries to create
bucket when bucket with same name is still being shut down on any of
* annoying and repeating log message when there is memcached type
buckets, but some nodes are not yet rebalanced it is now fixed
* bug causing couchbase to return 500 error instead of gracefully
returning error when bucket parameter "name" is missing is now fixed
* few races when node that orchestrates rebalance is being rebalanced
out are now fixed. Previously it was possible to see rebalance as
running and other 'rebalance-in-flight' config effects when it was
actually completed.
* bug causing failed over node to not delete it's data files was
fixed. Note: previously it was only possible when node was added back
after being failed over.
* couchbase server now performs rebalance more safely. It builds new
replicas before switching to them. It's not completely safe to stop
rebalance at any point without risking data loss
* due to safer rebalance we're now deleting old vbuckets as soon as
possible during rebalance. Making further vbucket movements faster
* couchbase server avoids reuse of tap names. Previous versions had
release notes that recommended to avoid rebalancing for 5 minutes
after stopped or failed rebalance. That problem is now fixed.
* (MB-4906 Always fetch autofailover count from config) bug when
certain sequence of events could lead to autofailover breaking it's
limit of single node to fail over was fixed
* (MB-4963) old "issue" of UI reporting rebalance as failed when it
was in fact stopped by user is now fixed
* (MB-5020) bug causing rebalance to be incorrectly displayed as
running preventing failover was fixed
* (MB-4023) couchbase server now using dedicated memcached port for
it's own stats gathering, orchestration, replication and
rebalance. Making it more robust against mis-configured clients.
* /diag/masterEvents cluster events streaming facility was
implemented. See doc/master-events.txt for more details.
* (MB-4564) during failover and rebalance out couchbase server now
leaves data files. So that accident failover does not leads to
catastrophic data loss. Those files are deleted when node is
rebalanced back in or becomes independent single-node cluster.
* (MB-4967) couchbase_num_vbuckets_default ns_config variable (absent
by default) can now be used to change number of vbuckets for any
couchbase buckets created after that change. The only way to change
it is via /diag/eval.
* mastership takeover is now clearly logged
* (MB-4960) mem_used and some other stats are now displayed on UI
* (MB-5050) autofailover service is now aware that it's not possible
to fail over during rebalance
* (MB-5063) couchbase server now disallows attempts to rebalance out
unknown nodes instead of misbehaving
* (MB-5019) bug when create bucket dialog was displaying incorrect
remaining quote right after bucket deletion is now fixed
* internal cluster management stats counters facility was
implemented. The only way so far to see those stats is in diags or
by posting 'system_stats_collector:get_ns_server_stats().' to
/diag/eval. So far only few stats related to reliable replica
building during rebalance are gathered.
* diags now have tap & checkpoint stats from memcached on all nodes
* local tap & checkpoints stats are now logged after rebalance and
each 30 seconds during rebalance
* (MB-5256) but with alert not being generated for failures to save
item mutatins to disk was fixed
* (MB-5275) bug with alerts not being shown to user sometimes was fixed
* (MB-5408) ns_memcached now implements smarter queuing and
prioritization of heavy & light operations. Leading to hopefully
much less memcached timeouts. Particularly vbucket delete operation
is known to be heavy. By running it on separate worker we allow
stats requests to be performed without delays and thus hopefully
without hitting timeouts.
* simple facility to adjust some timeouts at runtime was
implemented. Example, usage is this diag/eval snippet:
ns_config:set({node, node(), {timeout, ns_memcached_outer_very_heavy}}, 120000).
Which will bump timeout for most heavy ns_memcached calls up to 120
seconds (most timeouts are in milliseconds)
* config replication was improved to avoid avalanche of config NxN
replications caused by incoming config replications. Now only
locally produced replications are forcefully pushed to all
nodes. Note: old random gossip is still there. As well as somewhat
excessive full config push & pull to newly discovered node(s).
* it's now possible to change max concurrent rebalance movers
count. Post the following to /diag/eval to set it to 4:
ns_config:set(rebalance_moves_per_node, 4).
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