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The Membase Server Superdupervisor.
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The NorthScale Server

This application represents the top of the hierarchy of all memcached smart services. It is an application in the Erlang OTP sense.

[ns server]


Build dependencies include...

  • erlang (5.7.4, also needed at runtime)
  • ruby (1.8.6)
  • ruby gems
    • sprockets (install with gem install sprockets)


git clone
cd ns_server
git submodule init
git submodule update


Before you start the server, you may need to do the following

  • Below, is where you checked out and built ns_server above.
  • Make sure the needed ports are not being used (these include 8080, 11211, 11212, etc).
  • Build the "for_release" branch of northscale memcached that has isasl enabled (git clone && cd memcached && git checkout --track origin/for_release && ./config/ && ./configure --enable-isasl && make && make test).
  • Build the bucket_engine library from the repository. (git clone && cd bucket_engine && ./configure --with-memcached=/path/to/your/above/dir/for/memcached/ && make && make test)
  • Create a sym link from the for_release northscale memcached that you just built to /priv/memcached
  • Create a sym link from the for_release northscale memcached memcached/.libs/ to /priv/engines/
  • If your sym links are correct, you should be able to cd /priv and run: ./memcached -E ./engines/ -vvv
  • If you're not doing sym links, instead make sure that the memcached/.libs/ and bucket_engine/.libs/ created when building the for_release northscale memcached and bucket_engine are on your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (in OS X this is the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH). Or...
  • Just a general note, if you are making changes to the priv/config file and these changes don't appear to be reflected in the start up procedures, try deleting the /config dir.

The ns_server can be started through the script found in the main directory.


It starts under sasl, which will give you more detailed logging on both progress and failures of the application and the heirarcy.

Interactive Execution

If you'd like to just start a shell, then interact with the running application, use:


To start with a different node name, and pass parameters (such as a different config file), use:

./ -name $NODE_NAME -ns_server ns_server_config "$CONFIG_FILE"

For example:

./ -name ns_2 -ns_server ns_server_config "priv/config2"

Tip: if you see error message like...

=ERROR REPORT==== 18-Jan-2010::10:45:00 ===
application_controller: bad term: priv/config2

Then you will have to add backslashes around the path double-quotes -- like \"priv/config\"


Pulling the latest dependencies

git submodule update

Updating the dependencies (deps subdirectory)

cd deps/emoxi git pull origin master cd ../menelaus git pull origin master cd ../.. git add deps/emoxi deps/menelaus make clean make git commit -m "updated emoxi & menelaus" git push

Copyright (c) 2010, NorthScale, Inc.

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