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import unittest
import logger
import random
import time
import json
from threading import Thread, Event
from testconstants import MIN_COMPACTION_THRESHOLD
from testconstants import MAX_COMPACTION_THRESHOLD
from TestInput import TestInputSingleton
from basetestcase import BaseTestCase
from membase.api.rest_client import RestConnection
from membase.helper.bucket_helper import BucketOperationHelper
from remote.remote_util import RemoteMachineShellConnection
from couchbase.documentgenerator import BlobGenerator
from memcached.helper.data_helper import MemcachedClientHelper, VBucketAwareMemcached
class AutoCompactionTests(BaseTestCase):
servers = None
clients = None
log = None
input = None
def setUp(self):
super(AutoCompactionTests, self).setUp()
self.autocompaction_value = self.input.param("autocompaction_value", 0)
BucketOperationHelper.delete_all_buckets_or_assert(self.servers, self)
self.is_crashed = Event()
def insert_key(serverInfo, bucket_name, count, size):
rest = RestConnection(serverInfo)
smart = VBucketAwareMemcached(rest, bucket_name)
for i in xrange(count * 1000):
key = "key_" + str(i)
flag = random.randint(1, 999)
value = {"value" : MemcachedClientHelper.create_value("*", size)}
smart.memcached(key).set(key, 0, 0, json.dumps(value))
def load(self, server, compaction_value, bucket_name, gen):
monitor_fragm = self.cluster.async_monitor_db_fragmentation(server, compaction_value, bucket_name)
end_time = time.time() + self.wait_timeout * 50
# generate load until fragmentation reached
while monitor_fragm.state != "FINISHED":
if self.is_crashed.is_set():
if end_time < time.time():"Fragmentation level is not reached in %s sec" % self.wait_timeout * 50)
# update docs to create fragmentation
self._load_all_buckets(server, gen, "update", 0)
except Exception, ex:
self.log.error("Load cannot be performed: %s" % str(ex))
def test_database_fragmentation(self):
percent_threshold = self.autocompaction_value
bucket_name = "default"
MAX_RUN = 100
item_size = 1024
update_item_size = item_size * ((float(100 - percent_threshold)) / 100)
serverInfo = self.servers[0]
rest = RestConnection(serverInfo)
remote_client = RemoteMachineShellConnection(serverInfo)
output, rq_content, header = rest.set_auto_compaction("false", dbFragmentThresholdPercentage=percent_threshold, viewFragmntThresholdPercentage=None)
if not output and (percent_threshold <= MIN_COMPACTION_THRESHOLD or percent_threshold >= MAX_COMPACTION_THRESHOLD):
self.assertFalse(output, "it should be impossible to set compaction value = {0}%".format(percent_threshold))
import json
self.assertTrue(json.loads(rq_content).has_key("errors"), "Error is not present in response")
self.assertTrue(str(json.loads(rq_content)["errors"]).find("Allowed range is 2 - 100") > -1, \
"Error 'Allowed range is 2 - 100' expected, but was '{0}'".format(str(json.loads(rq_content)["errors"])))"Response contains error = '%(errors)s' as expected" % json.loads(rq_content))
elif (output and percent_threshold >= MIN_COMPACTION_THRESHOLD
and percent_threshold <= MAX_RUN):
node_ram_ratio = BucketOperationHelper.base_bucket_ratio(TestInputSingleton.input.servers)
info = rest.get_nodes_self()
available_ram = info.memoryQuota * (node_ram_ratio) / 2
items = (int(available_ram * 1000) / 2) / item_size
print "ITEMS =============%s" % items
rest.create_bucket(bucket=bucket_name, ramQuotaMB=int(available_ram), authType='sasl',
saslPassword='password', replicaNumber=1, proxyPort=11211)
BucketOperationHelper.wait_for_memcached(serverInfo, bucket_name)
BucketOperationHelper.wait_for_vbuckets_ready_state(serverInfo, bucket_name)"start to load {0}K keys with {1} bytes/key".format(items, item_size))
#self.insert_key(serverInfo, bucket_name, items, item_size)
generator = BlobGenerator('compact', 'compact-', int(item_size), start=0, end=(items * 1000))
self._load_all_buckets(self.master, generator, "create", 0, 1)"sleep 10 seconds before the next run")
time.sleep(10)"start to update {0}K keys with smaller value {1} bytes/key".format(items,
generator_update = BlobGenerator('compact', 'compact-', int(update_item_size), start=0, end=(items * 1000))
insert_thread = Thread(target=self.load,
args=(self.master, self.autocompaction_value,
self.default_bucket_name, generator_update))
compact_run = remote_client.wait_till_compaction_end(rest, bucket_name,
timeout_in_seconds=(self.wait_timeout * 50))
if not compact_run:"auto compaction does not run")
elif compact_run:"auto compaction run successfully")
except Exception, ex:
if str(ex).find("enospc") != -1:
self.log.error("Disk is out of space, unable to load more data")
raise ex
self.log.error("Unknown error")
def _viewFragmentationThreshold(self):
for serverInfo in self.servers:
rest = RestConnection(serverInfo)
rest.set_auto_compaction(dbFragmentThresholdPercentage=80, viewFragmntThresholdPercentage=80)
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