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from membase.api.exception import ServerSelfJoinException, MembaseHttpExceptionTypes, ServerAlreadyJoinedException
from membase.api.rest_client import RestConnection, RestHelper
from basetestcase import BaseTestCase
from lib.remote.remote_util import RemoteMachineShellConnection, RemoteMachineHelper, RemoteUtilHelper
from lib.memcached.helper.data_helper import MemcachedClientHelper
from scripts.install import InstallerJob
from membase.api.rest_client import RestConnection
from couchbase_helper.documentgenerator import BlobGenerator
from newupgradebasetest import NewUpgradeBaseTest
from builds.build_query import BuildQuery
import re
class HostnameTests(BaseTestCase):
def setUp(self):
super(HostnameTests, self).setUp()
self.builds = self.input.param("builds", "2.2.0")
self.product = self.input.param('product', 'couchbase-server')
self.is_negative_test = self.input.param('is_negative_test', False)
self.error = self.input.param('error', '') = self.input.param('name', '')
def tearDown(self):
super(HostnameTests, self).tearDown()
for server in self.servers:
msg="ns server is not running even after waiting for 6 minutes")"sleep for 10 seconds to give enough time for other nodes to restart")
def install_builds(self, builds, servers=None):
params = {}
params['product'] = 'couchbase-server'
builds_list = builds.split(";")
st = 0
end = 1
if None in servers:
servers_to_install = self.servers
servers_to_install = servers
for i in builds_list:
params['version'] = i
InstallerJob().sequential_install(servers_to_install[st:end], params)
st = st + 1
end = end + 1
super(HostnameTests, self).setUp()
def rest_api_addNode(self):
hostnames = self.convert_to_hostname(self, self.servers[0:2])
master_rest = RestConnection(self.master)
master_rest.add_node(self.servers[1].rest_username, self.servers[1].rest_password, hostnames[1], self.servers[1].port)
#Now check whether the node which we added is still referred via hostname or not.
obj = RestConnection(self.servers[1])
var = obj.get_nodes_self().hostname
flag = True if self.servers[1].ip in var else False
self.assertEqual(flag, False, msg="Fail - Name of node {0} got converted to IP. Failing the test!!!".format(self.servers[1].ip))"Test Passed!!")
#Cases 39 and 40 from hostname management test plan combined.
def rest_api_renameNode(self):
try: = RemoteMachineShellConnection(self.master)
#com_inst_build = "cat /opt/couchbase/VERSION.txt"
#out =
self.install_builds(self.builds, self.servers[0:1])
if self.is_negative_test:
master_rest = RestConnection(self.master)"Renaming node {0} to {1}".format(self.master,
var = master_rest.rename_node(username=self.master.rest_username, password=self.master.rest_password,
port=self.master.port,, is_negative_test=True)
out = var.pop()
self.assertEqual(out, self.error, msg="Fail to find correct error. The error should be {0}, but we got : {1}".format(self.error, out))"Got correct error - {0}....Passing the test".format(out))
else:"Node {0} is referred via IP. Changing the name of the node".format(self.servers[0:1]))
hostname = []
info =
domain = ''.join(info.domain[0])
hostname.append(info.hostname[0] + "." + domain)
self.convert_to_hostname(self, self.servers[0:1])"Calling get_node_self() to check the status of node {0}".format(self.servers[0:1]))
obj = RestConnection(self.master)
var = obj.get_nodes_self().hostname
flag = True if self.master.ip in var else False
self.assertEqual(flag, False, msg="Fail - Node {0} is still referred via IP. Should\
have been referred via hostname. Failing the test!".format(self.master.ip))"Name of node {0} got converted to hostname. Proceeding......!".format(self.master.ip))
self.sleep(10)"Now changing name of node {0} from hostname to IP".format(self.master.ip))
var = obj.rename_node(username='Administrator', password='password', port='', hostname=self.master.ip)"Calling get_node_self() to check the status of the node {0}".format(self.master.ip))
var = obj.get_nodes_self().hostname
flag = True if self.master.ip in var else False
self.assertEqual(flag, True, msg="Fail - Node {0} is still referred via hostname. Should have been referred via IP. Failing the test!".format(self.master.ip))"Node {0} referred via IP. Pass !".format(self.master.ip))
def convert_to_hostname(self, servers_with_hostnames, username='Administrator', password='password'):
hostname = []
for server in servers_with_hostnames:
shell = RemoteMachineShellConnection(server)
info = shell.extract_remote_info()
domain = ''.join(info.domain[0])
if not domain:
output = shell.execute_command_raw('nslookup %s' % info.hostname[0])
print output"Domain is not defined, couchbase cannot be configured correctly. NOT A BUG. CONFIGURATION ISSUE")
hostname.append(info.hostname[0] + "." + domain)
master_rest = RestConnection(server)
current_hostname = master_rest.get_nodes_self().hostname"get_node_self function returned : {0}".format(current_hostname))
if server.ip in current_hostname:"Node {0} is referred via IP. Need to be referred with hostname. Changing the name of the node!!".format(server.ip))
version = RestConnection(server).get_nodes_self().version
if version.startswith("1.8.1") or version.startswith("2.0.0") or version.startswith("2.0.1"):
master_rest.rename_node(username=username, password=password, port='', hostname=hostname[-1])
else:"Node {0} already referred via hostname. No need to convert the name".format(server.ip))
return hostname
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